Energy Suckers and Getting High

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How To Get Naturally High (Without Drugs)

We’re living in a time where it seems everyone is looking for a shortcut to feeling good. I think one major sign of this is that the self-help industry has a pin in just about every platform or medium available. You can’t escape motivational quotes on IG, spirituality-based podcasts, and a new meditation app released on the daily. Just head to Amazon and search “self-help” in books and over 80,000 results pop up! Market researchers are saying that the “self-development” industry will be worth $13 billion by the time we hit 2022!

Results are indisputable: People want to get happy!

But, NEWSFLASH: we don’t have to look to the newest / trendiest book for the answer. And we don’t need a certain kind of substance either!

Here’s a hack on what you can do to experience total euphoria, naturally, TODAY…



Podcast Feature: Your Complete Guide to Hormone Testing

This show is a follow up to episode #428 — where I shared the most common signs you may be experiencing in regard to hormone imbalance. The most common question I’ve been asked since (that episode premiered) revolves around hormone testing. So many of you are wondering if it’s something you need to go and do! Well, wonder no more. I’m about to inform about all the things you should know about this particular kind of testing AND how to be your own health advocate (re: your hormone health). This episode is important whether you’re male, female, young, or old. From the moment we’re born, it’s our hormones that determine how we look, feel, and function!


I know you know, but just in case you don’t… a huge portion of the 131 Method is dedicated to your individual hormone health. Get healthy from the inside out and join our next group, STARTING ON MONDAY, THE 17TH!

For other podcast gems from the week:


Beware Of Energy Suckers

Why is it that at the end of the day you’re so tired? Perhaps you think it’s because you’re not scheduling your life better? Or, to be more specific… your time.


There’s something else even MORE important you’re not managing right. And you must honor and conserve THIS crucial resource above all things to get what YOU want to get done.

Stop wondering what it is and hit that play, girl!


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One response to “Energy Suckers and Getting High”

  1. Thank you, Chalene, for reinforcing the fact that you CAN say no without feelings of guilt.
    I have always had a problem saying no, and in my present job, I’m supposed to be a fixer of all things administrative – that’s a lot!
    When i would go on vacation, if have people from my job texting me about issues at the office and other things that would be coming up. I had a hard time enjoying my time off!
    BUT, I’m learning to say no. I’m learning to put the work phone down and NOT check those work emails while I’m on vacation. And guess what?
    I’m coming back to work refreshed and rested and ready to take those things on WHEN I GET BACK!
    It’s ok to say no.

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