How To Boost Instagram Engagement 2023

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There isn’t anyone with an Instagram account who wouldn’t prefer to boost their engagement — in some capacity. Whether you’re a stay-at-home with a side dog walking business (2k followers) or JLo (231M followers).

When people are engaging with your content, it’s like a beacon of hope in the Instagram abyss. It tells the algorithm that your content is worth showing to more people and before you know it, you’re reaching new audiences and gaining new followers.

Boost Instagram Engagement New Followers

But it’s not just about being seen, it’s also about conversions. When people are engaging with your content, they’re more likely to take action:

  • visiting your website
  • making a purchase
  • clicking on your bio link

So, if you’re not in the practice of constantly learning (because the algorithm is always changing) how to boost your IG engagement, you’re basically leaving money on the table.

And not that I need to tell you this — because I know you read my blogs, listen to my podcast and follow my socials, but just in case… 

Increasing engagement helps you to build relationships with your audience. And that is, arguably, your most important asset in the social media / entrepreneurial game. 

Boost Instagram Engagement Helps with Growth

Hence, if you’re not currently experiencing strong engagement — comments, likes, share, saves — it’s time to put in the (not so difficult) work and start seeing real results.

Side note: This blog may be more timely than ever because, according to recent stats, overall engagement is down for users on IG. 

As a matter of fact, I recently ran a poll on my Stories about this downward trend. It turns out… 

89% of my followers report a decrease in engagement over the last few months. 

So, you’re not alone. It’s taking place all across Instagram right now. Hopefully, that’s a word of encouragement for you.

How To Boost Instagram Engagement in 2023, My Top 13 Tips

  1. Use a call to action on every single post that you make. 
  2. Use color psychology.
  3. Use the 10×2 method.
  4. Create looping reels.
  5. Trend forecasting on TikTok for Instagram Reels. 
  6. Incentivize engagement. 
  7. Delayed comment liking. 
  8. Always ask follow-up questions, when you can. 
  9. Always share your feed post to your stories — but don’t cover them up.
  10. Share some sort of breaking news. 
  11. Follow the two-second rule (practiced in TV/movies).
  12. Create your reels with specific engagement in mind. 
  13. Strategic collaborations.

Yes, I know, these 13 tips might appear a little vague and need more explanation. 

Well, in the Build Your Tribe podcast below, you’ll find detailed descriptions on how to employ (and conquer!) each freaking strategy!

Keep in mind:

Engagement is always going to be variable. There will be seasons where some posts will do great and lots of posts won’t do so great. Meaning, a solid way to increase the odds and boost your engagement is to simply post more. AKA — stay consistent! 

I want to encourage you to stop overthinking the process, stop trying to make perfect content and just press post.


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