Setting Goals: How to Assess The 10 Most Important Areas of Life

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Setting goals makes it easy to get caught up in the excitement of achieving something new and impressive. But, unfortunately, this often leads to one of the biggest mistakes, in my opinion, people make when it comes to thinking of their future…

Randomly selecting things they think will bring them happiness. 

Setting a goal to:

  • lose weight with the belief that it will bring improved self-esteem and confidence — but instead, it leads to an unhealthy obsession with one’s appearance and negative body image.
  • achieve a high-powered career with the belief that it will bring success and admiration — but instead it leads to burnout and neglect of personal relationships.
  • buy a bigger house or a nicer car with the belief that it will bring status and respect — but instead, it leads to increased debt and dissatisfaction.

Failure to accurately assess all areas of life at the time the goal was made is the root of any potential negative outcome that can, ironically, occur after getting what you thought you wanted!

Hence, as I always say, before you set goals, you first have to do a little inventory and figure out where you’re feeling a little off. In other words, taking a step back and evaluating which areas in life may be lacking or need improvement and WHY… is freaking paramount.

When Setting Goals Take Inventory to Assess Areas in Life and Think

Setting Goals: How to Assess The 10 Most Important Areas of Life

Direction: You’re going to rate these areas on a scale of 1 to 10 — based on your own level of personal fulfillment. 

1 = total failure, 10 = crushing it. 

Tip: Avoid scoring based on how you feel today, at this moment. To get an accurate assessment, consider rating each area based on the last 90 days or so. 

Remember to be intentional and think about the way you want your life to look and, most importantly… feel. I’m telling you, it’s that feeling that will get you excited and, ultimately, take action on what you’d like to come to fruition.

1st area: Physical health

This should encompass everything related to your body:

  • strength
  • body fat
  • immune system
  • weight
  • physical appearance

2nd area: Mental health

This category basically includes your ability to handle things. 

  • How do you cope with the highs and lows? 
  • How’s your stress level?
  • Do you feel stable? 
  • How do you feel emotionally?
  • Do you feel secure?
  • Are you generally happy?
  • How are your moods? 
  • How’s your sleep?

When Setting Goals Assess Mental State Moods and Sleep

3rd area: Environment

Bottom line: where you’re spending the majority of your time. That could be your:

  • office (totally disorganized or chaotic)
  • car (always a mess)
  • kitchen (needs an update)
  • bedroom (the furniture layout sucks)

How does this place you spend so much time in make you feel?

4th area: Personal relationships

Friends and family, but this area excludes romance. 

5th area: Love life

This breaks down to your…

  • emotional connection
  • psychological connection 
  • physical connection 

…with the person you’re intimately involved with. Your rating is not a reflection of how much you love that person.

 In fact, you might not have somebody in your life right now and that’s precisely how you want it (in which case, score this high).

Love Life Area Assess Setting Goals

For the 5 additional areas, a bonus area, and what to do after your assessment, check out this episode of The Chalene Show:

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