How Does An Artist Grow on Instagram?

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If you’re an artist — actor, dancer, singer, painter, musician, comedian, et al — you might feel that many of the Instagram tips I share (on this blog) don’t often apply to you. I mean, my social media blogs are usually about having an offer (of some kind) or the ideal follower or how to grow your brand or narrow in on your niche, etc. But you…

  1. already have your niche (your art)
  2. don’t necessarily have (or even want) an offer
  3. have no idea who your ideal follower is

You just want to touch the masses with your talent, passion and gift!

Which is why, generally speaking, the way an artist grows on Instagram (or any platform, really) is a little bit different than a typical business owner/creator/influencer.

Artist like Dance Grows on Instagram Differently Influencer

Step one: Niche

Allow me to just START with your niche. Yes, even though we already know that it’s your art.

It’s imperative to clearly identify the topic — AKA niche — you are posting about to experience growth. This is true for ALL platforms.

So, your potential follower will literally follow you and stay engaged because you’re sharing your art.

First and foremost, they want to experience what it is you create. All the other things…

  • back story
  • creative process
  • inspiration

…are second to your art.

Now, here is the challenge/pushback I get from artists (after I make it clear their art is their niche):

“But it takes me weeks or months or even years to create a finished product. And yet I hear you talking about posting multiple times a day. How can I do that?”

Look, I understand the confusion and frustration! However, not everything you share has to be a finished product.

Artist Grow Instagram When Sharing Process Not Just Finished Product

Which leads me to…

Step two: Post every aspect of your art.

I recognize that, for many artists, sharing anything (about their art) that isn’t a finished product is super scary, unappealing and antithetical to how they want their art perceived.

Trust me, though, followers want to feel like they’re involved — from start to finish of the product.

They want to see:

  • the emotional struggles
  • what’s real and what’s authentic
  • how you DO your art

Hence, the more detailed the artist can be with their process… the more their followers will:

  • crave the finished product
  • feel emotionally attached to the finished product
  • be invested in the finished product
Artist Grow Instagram by Keeping Followers Involved

Pro tip: There are plenty of trends on Instagram and TikTok that allow you to just plug in your art:

“Here’s my:

  • art 10 years ago, here’s what it looks like now!”
  • most expensive piece!”
  • longest/quickest piece to finish!”

There are so many different versions of artist trends that you can endlessly recreate — taking your followers along for the journey!

For much more related to this topic, like how artists can learn to post consistently and frequently, then check out this episode of Build Your Tribe:

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