Why We Don’t Take Action

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Why are you afraid to take action on that thing you’re always thinking — and maybe even talking — about? Oh, and in the event take action isn’t clear enough, here are other related terms:

  • pull the trigger
  • put yourself out there
  • go for it
  • start
  • launch, baby!

Seriously, though, why haven’t you done it? 

Well today, I’d like to not only answer that question, but actually get you to… take… action!

How To Be Motivated to take Action

What are you stalling on?

  • writing a book
  • starting your business
  • going live on Instagram
  • launching your product
  • telling people about your service
  • hitting record 

Maybe it’s as simple as just making your account public on social media. 

But — what it is really doesn’t matter.

Most likely, you’re reading this blog because there’s something you feel…

  • drawn to do
  • compelled to do
  • called to do
  • obligated to do

…and yet, you haven’t done it!

We make lots of excuses, too, as to why we haven’t taken action, right?

  • “I’ve been too busy.”
  • “Once the kids go off to college, then I’ll do it.”
  • “When I get it perfect, well, then I’ll launch it.”
We Don't Take Action Because of Excuses Procrastination
Why We Don’t Take Action

Now, before we get to the MAIN reason, let’s discuss the runners up, the honorary mentions:

fear of failure and/or fear of success

In my mind, they’re basically interchangeable. Meaning, we don’t want to:

  • feel inferior
  • look weak
  • appear foolish
  • seem dumb
  • mess up
  • exceed new expectations

Whether you call them reasons or excuses, half the time we don’t really even believe them. We use them as a crutch (usually totally subconsciously) to justify our inaction. 

Regardless, the #1 reason you aren’t following through on taking action, also, comes down to a kind of fear…

Fear of judgment.

And almost all of us — at least in some area of life — battle this. Especially with the advent of social media.

We Don't Take Action due to Fear of Judgement

We just don’t want to be judged! Trust me, that is why you haven’t done the thing.

For so much more related to this topic, like:

  • Why judgement doesn’t have to be a negative thing
  • What shapes our judgement
  • Where insecurity comes from
  • How to stop focusing on your negative beliefs

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