5 Money Making Ideas in 2022

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I’d like to share 5 different money making ideas you can use to make extra income at home (online) in 2022. To clarify, this blog isn’t meant to be an in-depth breakdown of each suggestion.  No tutorial today, people.

However, if anything calls to you or intrigues or resonates — please research them further! 

Now, some of these:

  • you’ve definitely heard before
  • are easier or tougher than others
  • represent ways to make an extra $10 — $15 a month
  • might offer you the option of making an extra six figures next year
Money Making Ideas Ways 2022

10 Money Making Ideas in 2022

Idea #1: Paid for views

As in, the content you share on social media! 

  • Instagram: Reels bonuses 
  • TikTok: Creator fund
  • YouTube: AdSense

The necessary criteria in order to unlock or qualify for these payouts varies on each platform. 

Sure, you’re getting pennies for every couple hundred or thousand views and most people aren’t going to make a significant income this way, but an extra $10 or $20 a month can still make a big difference. 

And if your following is growing and you have a lot of engagement, the potential to make serious money on these platforms is real. 

Idea #2: Affiliate marketing

This one is super common and no stranger to my blogs.

Affiliate marketing is essentially getting paid a small fee for recommending products and services you’re already utilizing.
Make Money Online 2022 with Affiliate Marketing

Idea #3: Live streaming.

Some live-stream platforms require subscriptions — so your audience pays a monthly fee in order to access your live streams. And other platforms are free for people to watch your lives, but viewers and followers are encouraged to give gifts or tips.

Idea #4: Create an online course.

When you think of creating a course, I don’t want you to think of making a 45-lesson master class on how to become the world’s greatest marketer. 

Instead, think about a simple problem — that a lot of other people are facing — you’ve recently solved in life.

And then, create a quick course that’s less than 5 lessons long and host it on a site like Kajabi or ClickFunnels.

Idea #5: Offer your creative talents on Fiverr.

This is an app where people can advertise freelance jobs that are usually online-based and typically in increments of $5. 

So you might say, for example,

“Hey, I’ll edit your Instagram Reel for $10!”

Make Money Online 2022 with Fiverr

For 10 additional money making ideas in 2022 (and more details on the ones provided above), check out the episode of Build Your Tribe below:

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