How To Save Time Using Spatial Organization

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I’m no stranger to promoting tips/strategies that’ll save you time. Much of my platforms — from podcasts to PUSH journals — are, in some way, created with the intention to provide you with the tools needed to lead a more efficient and productive life. And today’s blog is no exception. We’ll focus on just ONE category of time-saving life hacks: using spatial organization.

Using Spatial Organization Time Saving Tricks Use the Thing Where it's Stored

How To Save Time Using Spatial Organization

In a nutshell: wherever you use the thing is where you should also store the thing. Whether it’s:

  • lotions
  • chargers
  • ziplock bags

Take these examples from my personal life:

  • packing cubes that I use in suitcases (for travel) are stored in my suitcases
  • cleaning supplies (I cover in contact paper) on the bathroom counter — for wiping down the counter every day after I’m done getting ready (because it’s covered in makeup and a good inch of hair spray)
  • vitamin packs and water bottle on the bathroom counter because I take my supplements (in the bathroom) when I first wake up

All of the above, may only save a minute or two every morning, but all of these little things add up!

By the way: In this YouTube video, I did a master bathroom tour where I showed many of these spatial organization tricks!

Using Spatial Organization Time Saving in My Bathroom

Just fyi: Spatial Organization is the fancy term, but placement (which I prefer) is just as useful/relevant.

How to make Spatial Organization Work

You must apply a principle that I explain the first of every year when I teach how to organize your house.

And… what’s the principle?

Everything needs a freaking place! 

Meaning, every item in your home needs a home. And, to go one step further, said items must be returned to their home. 
  • Gym bag — with booty bands and weightlifting gloves — is kept in my car, not in my house.
  • Mini makeup bag is kept in the side pocket of my car
  • Blender is next to the freezer (where I keep frozen fruits, etc.)
  • Coffee grounds are above the coffee maker
Save Time Using Spatial Organization Keeping Items in Place where You Use

Sure, these may seem like common sense, but it’s amazing how often we might know what to do, but never take the time to actually do it. Consider this blog your reminder!

And pay attention to how you’re living this week. Make note of any time you have to move something that you need to use or you’re off on a search to find whatever. 

It could be as simple as putting five garbage bags at the bottom of your trash can. That way, when your kids take out the trash, they know to just line the new bag immediately. No searching or forgetting!

For literally so much more related to this topic, including:

  • Why the time of day you do things is essential
  • How I think of multitasking
  • What is combining mindful activities with mindless activities
  • How I’ve saved time with everyday chores like, laundry and lashes
  • What is time blocking

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