New Audio Features for Reels on Instagram 2022

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Before I tackle the new (2022) audio features that Instagram recently rolled out for Reels, it’s important to note that — just like any new update on Instagram — not everyone will instantaneously have access to them. 

The reason for this is, basically, there’s over a billion users on IG! And we’re all on a wide variety of devices. For how devices factor into the equation, check out this episode!

New Audio Features for Reels on Instagram 2022

Audio Features Instagram 2022 new Reactive

One — reactive audio.

When this feature is enabled, you’ll be able to move parts of your body — head, limbs, feet — in certain ways and Instagram will add sound effects (as you move). Meaning, the audio reacts to what your body is doing. Yeah, it’s a little weird and nobody asked for it… but I thought you should know.

Two — adding sound effects to your Reels after recording. 

Three — import audios. 

You can now import any sound or song from any video in your camera roll into Instagram. But how does it work, exactly?

Well, the audio must be playing in the background of an existing video in your camera roll. And then after you open Instagram:

  • open the Reels camera
  • click on the audio tab
  • tap import

This literally allows you to, then, add any audio, like…

  • sound bite from a movie
  • quote from a TV show
  • song that isn’t already on Instagram

…that’s playing in the background of a video already on your camera roll!

New Audio Features for Reels on Instagram Import Background Music

Four — Reels Grooves

This feature gives you the ability to automatically sync your videos to a certain audio. 

Picture it: There’s a song with a huge crescendo, 

Dunnnn dun dun dunnnn da da da dun da da da dunnnn!

(did you sing it?)

Pop in multiple videos from your camera roll and it will automatically cut those videos together right on the beat of said song. And it works for almost any song!

Once this feature is enabled, it’s going to be a very fast way for you to add videos — that you’ve already filmed to a trending song — and make them sync up to the beat.

For more NEW Instagram Reels features that are NOT audio, you must check out this episode of Build Your Tribe:

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