How To Make Money on Instagram | 5 Ways

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There are 5 ways literally anyone can make money on Instagram. And while this blog is dedicated to Instagram, specifically, these particular areas of monetization can apply to any social media platform.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Podcasts

Basically, any place where you have influence! Which, let’s be honest, means you have the ability to make money — on Instagram or wherever — probably from your own home.

Ways To Make Money on Instagram from Home Influence

My objective in writing this, today, boils down to the fact that I am not a fan of seeing people spend their entire lives on their phone trying to sell on social media — with no results.

Sure, sometimes we get really frustrated with social media. And I’m not here to discount the struggle that people encounter, but I’d like to drill home this point:

Selling on social does work.

You just have to keep trying because you haven’t discovered what works for you, or developed skills in such a way that proves successful.

Now, most people know that they need to (or certainly can) monetize something.

So, I’d like you to start with the most crucial thing you need to make money on any platform…


This is THE key ingredient allowing you to monetize and influence others — to share things, hopefully, you believe is in their best interest and helps them improve their lives.

So, you must keep this in mind as I review the 5 different areas or ways that you can make money on IG. Each of these categories is truly dependent upon you having a trust factor with your audience!


Trust Is Needed To Make Money on Instagram

And, to be clear, when I titled this blog, How To Make Money On Instagram, what I’m really asking is,

How are you going to turn your passion into profits?

The list below will help you discern exactly that.

Ready? Here goes… you can monetize your:

  1. influence
  2. expertise
  3. opinions on something
  4. services

For the 5th area you can monetize on Instagram — and a thorough breakdown of each category WITH supportive examples and personal anecdotes — then make sure you listen to the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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