How to Appear Confident on Camera

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When you appear more confident on camera — whether it’s Instagram Reels, YouTube tutorial, streaming Live, online courses —  it can most certainly help you get:

  • more engagement
  • better views 
  • credibility on social media

So, with that in mind, in today’s blog, I’ll share some tips that’ll ensure you feel and look more confident on camera.

Appear Confident on Camera for Social Media

Tip number one: Stop apologizing. 

It’s time to put an end to hopping on your Instagram stories and saying,

  • “Hey, sorry I haven’t been on the last few days.”
  • “Oops, I feel bad I keep forgetting to post that thing I told you about.”
  • “I know my hair and makeup aren’t did, sorry about that!”

Just don’t worry about apologizing. No one is paying that much attention, anyway.

This behavior not only makes you appear less confident, but it also affirms — to yourself — that you should be less confident.

Tip number two: Hold the camera at eye level. 

When you position the camera way up above your head, it makes your audience feel like 1) they’re looking down on you and 2) you’re below them. That would be the antithesis of appearing confident (even if you’re smiling).

Appear Confident on Camera Hold Position Above Below
Similarly, if you hold the camera down real low — meaning, the POV is that we’re looking up at you — it sends a signal to your audience you’re not confident enough to hold the camera at eye level.

Think of it like this: having a conversation with someone who’s not making eye contact with you epitomizes their insecurity.

Tip number three: Eliminate buffer words and sounds.

You know what I’m talking about:

  • ummm
  • uuuh
  • like
  • errrr
  • you know
  • sooooo

Admittedly, this will take some practice. Lord knows I’m not perfect with this on my podcasts, but I always make an effort to cut out these verbal pauses.

Tip number four: Reframe your What Ifs.

Oftentimes when we’re about to record something or go live, what if statements come into our brain. And they’re usually negative. 

It’s that little voice whispering (sometimes shouting) what if:

  • I forgot what I want to say
  • someone leaves a hate comment
  • I don’t look as pretty as someone else
Appear Confident Camera Whats Ifs

Instead, look at the other side of the coin and reframe!

What if:

  • this video goes viral
  • it serves hundreds of people
  • my content helps someone grow their business

Tip number five: Create an alter ego.

Come up with a more confident identity (a made up character or someone you look up to) that you can step into and use when needed. This has been used by many super successful people, including Beyoncé. 

For 13 more tips on how to appear confident on camera, check out this episode of Build Your Tribe:

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