How To Be A Guest on a Podcast

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Whether you’ve launched a podcast or not, being a guest on someone else’s podcast — especially a top-rated show — can do wonders for your exposure/brand/service. So today, I’d like to help you understand what not to do and what you can do in order to be a guest on the show of your choice!

Be a Guest on Podcast Can Help Grow Your Brand

How To Be A Guest on a Podcast

Number one: Don’t use an agency.

Most people who will email me about getting on one of my podcasts have hired an agency, and, for me, 98% of the time, that just gets a delete. 

If you want to get on a good show, do a great pitch from YOU! I’ve had some really great people, who are relatively unknown, on both of my podcasts — Build Your Tribe and The Chalene Show. They were wise enough to personally write an exceptional pitch, helping me to understand how they could help my audience.

Number two: List categories of topics that you can cover with authority. 

And I would suggest, if you’re just getting started pitching yourself to podcasts, to:

  • narrow down your niche
  • show the receipts of your expertise
  • prove you’ve got the authority to speak on X topic

And once you’ve narrowed down your niche, expand on it.

For example, let’s say that your niche is social media. That’s quite broad, right?

So instead, try social media:

  • marketing
  • time management
  • and the impact it has on your family
  • to grow your business
  • and entrepreneurship
  • to keep track of your kids

Do you see where I’m going? Those all fall under the umbrella of social media, but they’re very specific niches.

Number three: Podcast categories. 

You know there are a plethora of categories/genres out there. From (the aforementioned) social media to lifestyle to marketing to entrepreneurship to comedy to relationships, etc. 

Choose to Be a Guest on a Podcast that fits Your Category and Expertise

Just look at each of the categories and find the podcast that best fits your category.

If you’re just getting started, getting on anyone’s show, really, is a win. But if you have your own podcast and it’s relatively successful, shoot to be a guest on a show that serves a similar-sized audience.

Number four: Listen to a few of the shows. 

This is, unfortunately, an integral part most people skip. You don’t have to listen to episodes from start to finish — but you should scrub through more than a couple and skip around (e.g., a few weeks back, 2 years back, etc.).

Do you:

  • get a sense of what their show is about?
  • want to spend time with the host?
  • understand their audience? 

What if your dream podcast to be a guest on never does interview-style shows? That would be important intel before wasting your time and reaching out!

Number five: Track down who it is you’re going to pitch to.

This step is NOT easy. For my tips on how to do this right, plus:

  • Why you should follow the podcast/host you’d like to guest on
  • How not to fall into the trap of sounding presumptuous when contacting a podcast
  • How to follow up after your initial request

Then, check out this episode of Build Your Tribe:

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