How To Get Better Results At The Gym

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Results at the gym. We all want them. Some even work tirelessly for them. But what if they’re just not showing up? I mean, we’ve all been there, right?

What gave me the idea to write this blog is… I relate. There are times I go through one particular workout and don’t feel exhausted when I’m done. And then, I’ll do that SAME workout another day and feel super tired.

But why?

Glad you asked. I’m going to share some tips that’ll give you better results at the gym!

Better Results At The Gym Doing Curls

1st Tip For Better Gym Results: The environment

I promise, if we put little electrodes on each of your muscle fibers, the most important ones, we would see more of those fibers firing due to the environment. This is because we’re self-conscious individuals. And the harder we concentrate, the more muscle fiber we recruit for the movement. AKA — muscle fiber recruitment.

Story time: Filming an exercise video is proof of this first tip. Even when all you’re recording is the warmup! Normally, a warmup would never leave me winded or out of breath, but you can ask anyone who has ever been in an exercise video. There is something about it where you’re like,

What the heck? All we did was a little side-by-side step touch, and I’m gasping for air!

Same thing happens when I come out on stage. If I’m doing a speaking engagement, I always enter with a little dance. Maybe a few minutes of easy & fun get-the-crowd-going moves. And then, oh my Lord! I’m totally struggling to catch my breath afterward! Yet, I can dance hard for hours watching a live concert and feel nothing!

Listen, when people are looking at (or to) you, fatigue sets in far quicker. Which is why I recommend group fitness!

Result You Want With Group Fitness

2nd Tip For Better Gym Results: Imagine you are a professional

Imagine the form of your fave athlete or Instagram fitness celeb doing certain exercises. Would they be flopping through the movement? Or precise — using explosive motion, keeping their core tight, and every muscle engaged?

You know the answer, so… look the part!

3rd Tip For Better Gym Results: Workout in front of a mirror

If you can see yourself, you’re like your very own personal trainer – forcing yourself to correct body positioning, etc. When working out outside, find a spot where you can see your reflection (e.g., bay window, etc.)

4th Tip For Better Gym Results: Record yourself

Dude, this one is such a trip. Film yourself working out and then watch the playback. Guaranteed, this will be you:

Wait a second. Who is this woman? Why is she holding her back like that? And queen is giving me half effort when I know the girl I was recording was going 110%!!!

5th Tip For Better Gym Results: Remove distractions

If you want a great workout, you need to put your phone on airplane mode. That way, you still have access to your playlist, but you’re not checking social media, and you’re not distracted by text messages.

And don’t workout with Chatty Kathys, mmmkay?

No Distractions For Gym Results

For your last huge BONUS tip, far more detail on each of the points above, PLUS an in-depth step-by-step instruction on how to put your mind into your muscle (for optimum time under tension fatigue), you’re going to want to check out: Fitness Hack To Get Better Results and Burn More Calories — on The Chalene Show NOW!


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  1. Oh wow, you are so right. One of my goals is to perfect my PiYo form! And since I have set this goal , every workout has been tougher and MORE REWARDING! The post-workout high is amazing……

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