#1 Tip For Cleaning Your Closet

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Plus! My Friend Needs Help (How To Stop Being A Hoarder) & My Top Trick For Decluttering Your Home!

Only one statement below is true. Can you guess which?

  1. February is Declutter For A Cause Month
  2. Bulls hate the color red
  3. Gum takes longer to digest than other foods

Are you thinking?

Times up!

If you guessed #1, then you would be 100% correct!

And Declutter For A Cause Month is the perfect segue for this week’s Snapshot, if you ask me. Why? Well… I wake up every day wondering how I can serve YOU better. Which, if you consider that for a moment, means you’re – in many ways – my cause. Maybe that sounds corny, but at least it’s honest!

Let’s get you decluttered!


Life Hack Chat — #1 Tip For Cleaning Your Closet

Do you have any freakin’ idea how much a disorganized closet can mess with your life?! First, they’re a huge source of stress. All of that messiness adds anxiety to your daily existence. Even if you’re not aware of it, I promise you… your brain is. Second, they’re a massive waste of your time. When everything is in its place and easy to find, how could you NOT get ahead of schedule!? Third, lack of storage space. Isn’t that everyone’s pet-peeve, anyway? But get your closet in order and, miraculously, you’ll be gifted extra space to use as you like. Fourth, they’re an eyesore. Don’t tell me your closet door isn’t always shut for fear of embarrassment. God forbid a houseguest may stumble on it and be scarred for life!

All of this can be totally avoided! Watch today’s headlining video for my 1 BIG TIP to get your closet in order… and make sure you take action on what I state at the end!



Just For Fun Chat — My Friend Needs Help (How To Stop Being A Hoarder)

Speaking of closets, one of my very closest friends – you probably know her as Dr. Mcayla – has a serious closet issue. It has do with shoes. I’m guessing she’s not alone, ladies. Am I right or am I right? However, her problem is on another level.

Well, being the most amazing friend in the world that I am, I volunteered my precious time to help my dear sweet lost BFF. What would she ever do without me?

Look, if you dig the TV show Hoarders, then I think you’ll quite enjoy this next clip! But before we get to Mcayla, I’m going to explain why you don’t need to keep almost anything in 2019! No more hoarding for you! You’re welcome.

Life Hack Chat — #1 Trick For Decluttering Your Home

We’re going to end big here, people! We started with your closet, but that’s just one part of a group of parts that make up your home. Listen, I’m guessing every room in your current living space needs some attention. And if you don’t think that’s true, then you’re probably living in a state of denial. Sorry not sorry.

But just HOW do you even attempt to declutter your home? Like, the whole thing?!

I’m guessing you’ve heard the old dictum to just “start with one room at a time”. There’s some truth to that, yes, but there’s a key ingredient missing! Let me break it down for you right now!



All that said, this STILL remains my truth…


So, no judgement, Dr. Mcayla! I love you, boo.

Oh! I had 6 freakin’ podcasts release in the last week! Peruse at your leisure!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Did you learn or laugh or both!?




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