How To Get Into Workout Mood

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I workout because I want to be productive, creative, and all-around feel good and healthy. It certainly has nothing to do with my latest social media post or fitting into any item of clothing. To be honest, even though my why should be enough, I’m not always in the right mood to get my workout on.

That said, I’ve definitely picked up some tricks and strategies that ensure I (almost) always show up to my workout.

Strategies Tips To Get Into Workout Mood

How To Get Into The Mood To Workout

1: Think about how it makes you feel after.

Which is usually amazing, right?

In other words, don’t think about what you felt like after that one workout — when you were exhausted, needed a nap, and your foot hurt.

Take into account ALL of the workouts where, once you finished, you:

  • felt like a superhero
  • had high energy
  • left the gym in a much better mood

It’s just this high that’s hard to describe!

Fitness is a daily habit and one of the ways to get habits to stick is to focus on the benefit, the reward. 

And the reward — aside from what we see on the scale or in the mirror (which are really secondary) — is how you feel. So, focus on that!

2. Listen to music that inspires your soul.

There is no question that music can transport our mood and energy. You know this to be true! If you hear certain sad songs, you might immediately feel nostalgic or melancholy — the way you did after your ninth grade boyfriend broke up with you. Or, you can feel excited, pumped up and energetic!

Now, I don’t know what’s going to get you hype, but all you need is about four or five songs that pump you up and raise your mood!
Music Gets You In the Right Workout Mood

Recommendation: create a playlist on Apple iTunes or Spotify or whatever app you listen to your music on.

3. Change up your environment. 

If you’re not looking forward to going wherever it is you go to workout, that’s a sign to switch up your environment.

  • join a new gym
  • walk on the trails
  • workout from your living room

Let’s say you do exercise from home, you’re not feeling it, but need to continue due to your routine. Well, how about spruce it up? 

  • change the paint
  • install new floors
  • reorganize the equipment 
Our environment have a major impact on our mood/energy, so do whatever you can to improve upon it!

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