Why Use Instagram Stories

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Instagram released an official report where they broke down which feature people watch the most on their platform. Keep in mind, this was a major study and they have access to all the things:

  • how you spend your time on IG
  • what you look at
  • who you engage with, etc.

Now, you might think Reels are the #1 feature — especially as I’m always talking about it. But, nope.

The number one place where people spend their time on Instagram is Stories. And that — in and of itself — is why Stories matter.

Use Instagram Stories Because People Watch Most Time

Why Use Instagram Stories

One very critical component of the IG equation is time. As in, you should always be asking yourself, 

how do I get people to spend more time with me?

The Stories Algorithm.

I know everyone hates the word algorithm or, at the very least, is a little afraid of it. Well, still, you need to know that Stories, too, have an algorithm — and it’s different than the Feed algorithm. 

And the algorithm for Stories is determined by what my son, Brock, and I like to call the three Rs.

1. Recency

This one is just as it sounds… it’s based on how recently you’ve posted. 

2. Relationship

Instagram can’t run a blood test on you to determine who’s your mom, but they can determine who you have a relationship with based off of who you engage with. Whose stories you’re:

  • watching the longest
  • engaging with
  • opening the fastest
  • getting notifications from

The more you interact with someone and the more they interact with you, the stronger Instagram thinks that relationship/bond is.

Use Instagram Stories to Build Relationships

And thus, that’s why the second R of this algorithm is relationship; it makes Instagram more likely to show your content to followers and vice versa.

3. Relevancy

How does an algorithm determine if your Story is relevant? 

To be honest, it just comes down to… are other people interacting with it? 

Let’s say you have 10 followers and 9 of them are watching your full story. But not just watching, engaging with your stickers (polls, quizzes, questions, etc.)! And also replying and DM-ing to the Story.

Then, Instagram concludes,

Wow, this Story must be really relevant to her followers! 

Hence, they will make sure that the rest of your followers see that Story and it push it to the front.

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