How To Have A Millionaire Mindset

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What is a millionaire mindset? Well, it’s not just about that guy or gal who walks around easily attracting crazy money. I’m talking about someone who is also happy, generous, and calm. Acquiring this mindset can be achieved by anyone. I really believe this to be true. And today, I’m going to help you with that.

Here are my top five millionaire mindsets for an all-around balanced life!

Tips For Becoming A Millionaire

1st millionaire mindset: Good intentions.

If you know your intentions are pure (i.e., you’re acting in accordance with your principles and the way you want to live your life), then please don’t spend a moment thinking about other people’s opinions — of you and your actions.

2nd millionaire mindset: You’re responsible for you.

No one is responsible for your progress, success, or missteps except you. Now, that’s really good news. That shouldn’t make you feel like you’re alone. Rather, it should empower you. It’s up to you to:

  • Ask for help
  • Do the research
  • Set goals
  • Learn the skills

Taking responsibility for your future is entirely your business. No one else’s.

Only YOU are in charge of your:

  • Knowledge
  • Mood
  • Beliefs
  • Destiny

Everything is up to you. Nobody else has been commissioned with the job of changing your life, designing your life, and executing it except you.

You Are Responsible For Your Millionaire Mindset

3rd millionaire mindset: Feel abundant.

In order to have good fortune and incredible blessings, you have to feel like you already have an abundance of it. You can’t just say that. It must be truly felt.

The best way to feel blessed, to really take notice of all the good fortune that has come your way, is to actually take inventory of it.

4th millionaire mindset: 80% result-oriented.

To expect you’re going to succeed 100% of the time is to set yourself up for failure. It’s just unrealistic. If you make your goal to hit your mark 80% of the time, you will be successful. You also have to adopt the mindset that those missteps, miscalculations, and errors, if you will, are going to make you more successful.

It’s the 80/20 rule, right? 20% of my outcomes are not going to be as I’d planned them to be.

Millionaire mindset expects the unexpected

Successful people, who are really effective with their life, understand that it’s huge if they hit their mark 80% of the time.

What’s the 5th millionaire mindset?

You’ll have to check out, “TOP 5 MILLIONAIRE MANTRAS” on Build Your Tribe to find out! But, even better, I’m able to really flesh out each and every mindset with supportive examples and personal anecdotes. It’s a MUST LISTEN if you’re looking to step into 2019 with the mindset of a self-made millionaire!

I try to live my life by these mantras and I hope that you will, too.


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