How To Make MONEY Using INSTAGRAM Broadcast Channels – New Feature

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Navigating the complexities of online business and social media strategy can often feel like untangling a particularly stubborn set of earphones. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on it, there’s a new loop thrown in. 

But here’s the deal: money and Instagram have a new liaison in town, and it’s a feature that’s redefining direct communication—Instagram Broadcast Channels. It’s like the party line of the digital era, where the connection is exclusive but the potential for revenue is inclusive to all.

My son, Brock Johnson, is diving deep into how this tool is not only reshaping the way entrepreneurs engage with their audience but also how it can be a lucrative addition to your monetization strategy. Are you ready to bridge the gap between social presence and revenue with a pinch of personal touch? Well, buckle up, because this is not your average social media update—it’s a golden ticket to turning followers into funds.

Instagram’s Game-Changer for Entrepreneurs

Let’s cut to the chase: Instagram Broadcast Channels aren’t just a shiny new feature; they’re a game-changer for anyone looking to up their Instagram game. With this tool, Brock found a way to not only deepen the connection with my audience but also to organically promote offers. Think of it as a personal newsroom where your voice cuts through the noise of crowded feeds.

Leveraging Notifications as Your Welcome Mat

Imagine rolling out a welcome mat and having an influx of guests arriving with bells on—this is what it feels like when you start a Broadcast Channel. Instagram does the heavy lifting by notifying followers to join, which means your channel grows without you breaking a sweat. It’s essential to coin a name that captures attention and intrigue, like “Chalene’s VIP Circle.” It’s not just a name; it’s a promise of exclusivity and value.

Brock Johnson Instagram money quote - new features

Engaging Your Tribe for Stronger Connections

Once the notifications have done their magic, it’s all about engagement. This isn’t just another echo in the digital void; it’s a space where conversations flourish. Brock poses questions, sparks polls, and opens the floor for a two-way dialogue. It’s about nurturing a community that feels seen and heard. Plus, it’s an excellent tactic to funnel traffic back to your main feed, keeping the interaction cycle alive and thriving.

The Open Rate Oasis

Here’s a staggering fact: Direct Message open rates can reach a jaw-dropping 90%, with some of Brock’s messages hitting a 98% open rate! When compared to the standard engagement rates for regular posts, it’s clear why Broadcast Channels are a goldmine. They are the megaphone to your whisper, ensuring that your message doesn’t just leave the station but arrives at its destination.

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Gaining Insights Directly From the Source

There’s no need for guesswork or crystal balls; Broadcast Channels serve as a direct line to understanding what makes your followers tick. This feedback loop is invaluable—it’s real-time market research that informs your next product launch or content direction. When you tailor your solutions to actual needs, you’re no longer just a voice in the crowd; you’re the voice that matters.

Rewarding Your Loyal Fanbase

Everyone wants to feel special, and with Broadcast Channels, you can make that a reality for your followers. Brock dishes out exclusive discounts and perks, making his channel the VIP section in the vast nightclub of Instagram. It’s not just about selling; it’s about appreciating and rewarding the loyalists who give your brand its heartbeat.

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Premium Access for Premium Content

Taking things up a notch, Borck introduced a ‘Subscribers Only’ channel, where the exclusivity comes with a price tag—a strategy that ties neatly with Instagram’s Subscriptions feature. This isn’t just about creating a paywall; it’s about offering a value-packed, VIP experience that makes the subscription a no-brainer.

Unlocking Business Potential with Instagram’s Newest Tool

This isn’t about jumping on every social media bandwagon; it’s about strategically selecting the wagon that’s going to take you where you need to go. Instagram Broadcast Channels are that vehicle—a potent combination of community, communication, and commerce. When you use it wisely, it transcends the label of ‘feature’ and becomes a cornerstone of your digital empire.


As this digital landscape continues to evolve, have you found your footing with Instagram’s latest features? Are Broadcast Channels the missing piece in your business strategy? Dive into the conversation and let’s explore the potential together.

Your Next Step to Financial Growth

And now, as you stand at the precipice of possibility, ready to transform your online influence into a profitable endeavor, the path is clear. Dive into episode #737 of Build Your Tribe for a treasure trove of insights on making money with Instagram Broadcast Channels. Prefer a visual guide? Our YouTube channel has you covered with detailed 

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So now, the only question that remains is: Are you ready to harness your resources and channel them into something impactful? It’s time to translate that extra time into extra income.


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