How to Plan Your Product Launch

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This blog isn’t just applicable to those of you who are looking to plan a physical product launch, but, also, very much applies to anyone launching anything digital — like, a new podcast, website or YouTube channel.

Plan a Product Launch Strategies Also Apply to Starting Podcast YouTube or Website

Before we get started on how to plan your product launch, let’s quickly cover why you should…

It’s simple.

In the business world, we use the word launch because there’s a lot that goes into it! Think about launching a rocket into space. There are years and years of practice and science and math and research that go into that launch, right?

While YOUR launch may not entail the insane amount of time needed to launch a rocket ship, the point still stands…

There must be a well-thought-out plan.

First tip: Set goals that are specifically time-bound and quantity-driven.

Don’t just say,

  • “I wanna have a successful launch!”
  • “It’s my hope to help a lot of people!”
  • “This product will land me on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine!”

Those are great things, but let’s be really nitty-gritty and specific about it.

  • “I want to have 25 sales on my first day!”
  • “I’m going to sell 30 memberships in the first hour!”
  • “My follower count on Instagram will increase by at least 25% in the 1st week of launching!”


Plan your Product Launch with Specific Goals

Second tip: Dream big, but also be realistic.

Maybe you have 100 followers on Instagram and you’re selling sticker packs for $4. Maybe it’s not realistic to set your goal of a million dollars in sales.

So — how does one, exactly, dream big in the planning of their product launch while remaining realistic?

Well, study what other people have done! Study their:

  • pricing
  • messaging
  • copywriting
  • marketing
  • emails/SMS campaigns
  • social media strategy
  • promotional campaigns

The more you study others, the more you learn from their mistakes, what they’ve done well and what they’ve struggled with. And the better you’ll be prepared for your own launch.

Third tip: Create an outline in your plan.

Instead of just trying to keep all the planning in your head (or scribbled down on a piece of paper), use a tool (digital or physical) to outline your marketing plan.

Plan Your Product Launch By Writing an Outline

Questions to consider when planning your marketing outline:

  • What is my promotional tour going to look like?
  • Will I use affiliates?
  • What social medias will I use, if any?

What is my final tip for planning your product launch? For that — and much more detail on the points above — make sure you check out this episode of Build Your Tribe:

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