How To Optimize SEO on Instagram | 7 Areas to Focus On

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A solid strategy to optimize Instagram SEO (search engine optimization) is arguably the #1 way to increase growth and reach on the platform. So today, I’d like to share 7 areas to focus on that’ll ensure you’re crushing it on IG!

Optimize SEO on Instagram to Expand Growth and Reach

7 Areas of Focus to Optimize SEO on Instagram

The first area: Bio.

Any words that you type out in your bio — whether there’s a hashtag in front of them or not — are scanned by the algorithm. Meaning, IG learns what your content is about. 

The most important part of the bio is the name line (the bold text that shows up right below your profile picture) because any word that you place there becomes searchable.

So if, for example, I put hot potato in that name line and someone searches hot potato, they will find me. 

The second area: Captions of your posts.

Now, you don’t need to write a bunch of keywords just randomly and jam ’em into your caption. That said, try to be mindful!

Include words that people might be searching for that relate to your post or simply (always) use words that correspond with your niche.

The third area: The text on your content.

Yep, the algorithm is so smart that it’s able to scan your images and videos. One of the reasons it does this is to figure out what’s in them — allowing the platform to categorize your content. 

Hence, if you add text on those images or videos (e.g., titles, overlays), it makes it even easier for these computers to optimize efficiently and, ultimately, do their job. 

Make sure that your text 1) relates to your niche and/or 2) includes keywords that correlate with the post. 

How To Optimize SEO Instagram with Text Overlays on Videos

The fourth area: Leave comments on other people’s pages.

Caveat: you want to specifically write comments that:

  • are on profiles within your niche
  • use words related to your niche
  • are keywords

Before we go on, let me explain keywords (as I’ve mentioned the term several times now):

Basically, a keyword is just a word that:

  • relates to your niche
  • people might be searching for to find you
  • might be used to describe your account, your niche or your business

The fifth area: Pinning comments. 

This is a fun tool to implement when someone comments on your post.

How to: if you slowly slide a comment with your finger — from right to left — it will reveal a little menu tab. And if you tap on the one that looks like a thumbtack, a little pin, you can pin their comment.

What does this mean?

Well, when other people go to the comments section, that pinned comment will show up first at the very top!

This feature matters because when you pin comments that use keywords (relating to your niche and/or directly refers to the post), it can help the algorithm figure out what your post is all about.

For much more detail on each of the areas above PLUS the two remaining, make sure you listen to the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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