How To Scale A Business

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What does it mean to scale a business? Well, it’s basically your company’s ability to grow. Having your product (or whatever it is you create or sell) expand without you necessarily having to put in more hours.

And who wouldn’t want that? So, let’s get to the 6 Tips On How To Scale A Business.

6 Tips On How To Scale a Business

Tip #1: Create products, courses, eBooks, programs, brands, etc., that don’t have your name tied to them.

While it’s important to build a brand around yourself — allowing you the freedom to pursue whatever business you’re interested in — you have to think long-term.

You might:

  • Outsource some of that content creation
  • Hire a writer to come along with you
  • Partner up with someone to join your YouTube channel
  • Sell your business

Even in the earliest stages of going to the art store and buying paints and paintbrushes… we need to have the big picture in mind.

Tip #2: Create systems and automate as much as you can.

The more automatic sequences and processes you can develop in your business the better. Because then, those systems can be taught. Hence, someone else can run them and you don’t — constantly — have to be doing all the work yourself.

Tip #3: Create funnels that allow for hands-free work.

Developed funnels (perhaps, via email sequence or webinar) are important because your customers can follow their way along that funnel without you having to promote yourself all the time.

The reason funnels are crucial is because they serve as the starting point of a customer’s journey through your business.

Tip #4: Hire a virtual team.

If you really want true scalability, you need to think about hiring a virtual staff. This way, you’ll take your hands off different aspects of your business, and, eventually, feel more free.

Scale Your Business By Hiring A Virtual Staff

Tip #5: Ask yourself, “How could this adapt for the future?”

How could your podcast or website or social media channel or course or whatever it is that you offer… grow over time and serve more people?

My son, Brock, for example, had a one-on-one coaching business that was very time consuming. And it was not scalable. It took lots of effort and energy. So, he began to ponder,

How could I serve more people in the same amount of time?

Which led him to create three or four new courses!

Bottom line: when you’re always considering the question Brock asked himself above, you’ll become thoughtful of ways that your business can scale.

For the 6th and final tip — and much more on all the points above — check out the Build Your Tribe pod below!

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