How To Create an eBook and Sell It

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Did you know you’ve got an eBook in you? The reason being: you’ve figured some stuff out. Whether you’ve solved a problem or overcome a challenge. Or maybe your life is just really fascinating. Whatever the case may be, people ask you about it, don’t they?

So, that’s my point. You have an eBook waiting to be born! And I’m going to help you make it, write it, and sell it.

There's An eBook in Everyone

Before we get into all the steps, let me just preface with…

The advice I’m giving for your 1st eBook isn’t about:

  • A life memoir
  • Solving the world’s problems
  • Bringing fame and notoriety
  • Paying the mortgage

In this blog, today, I’m really trying to get you to create one tiny eBook. So, something fun and doable!

Think of it as if you’re back in High School and you need to write a report. The only difference? Well, this is going to be on a subject you freaking love and know inside and out. Bottom line: you would totally get an A on this.

With that in mind, let’s get to the 14 steps to write and sell your first eBook!

Step 1: Decide on your topic.

Pick a subject you’re not just passionate about but, also, solves a problem (or gives people the information they need).

Step 2: Take out a pen and a piece of paper.

Now, it’s time to freeform a brainstorming session! Once you have everything laid out on paper — every possible thing someone could need to know about solving this problem — ask yourself, “Okay, how far do I want to take them?”

Step 3: Create a rough outline of your chapters.

Keep in mind the first thing you want the reader to learn. Then, the second and then the third. After that, review your rough outline with someone who’s opinionated.

Review Your eBook Outline with Someone Opinionated

Step 4: Decide how you’re going to write this book.

Use one of the really cool software programs that are developed specifically for writing books. 

Step 5: Block out time to write.

It should be scheduled on your calendar and you need to get yourself an accountability partner.

Step 6: Give yourself a deadline.

One that is fast approaching, yet reasonable. Because of which, there’s some pressure involved and that’s what you need.

Step 7: Find someone to review your rough manuscript.

Ideal candidates are high school English teachers and friends who are strong writers and/or know how to edit. To be clear, this isn’t someone who’s reviewing for spelling and punctuation. But, rather, for formatting and structure.

Well, we’re only halfway there. The other CAN’T-MISS half is in The Chalene Show podcast below! Not to mention, you’ll get crazy detail on all the steps above. Listen now!

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  1. This has been super helpful in getting my first ebook draft written! I also loved your recent coaching call podcast with Jen Delvaux going over launch strategies and how an audiobook might be a better first step. Thank you so much!

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