My Botox Procedure On Camera + Exact Treatment + Before & After Pics

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The Supplements I Take Every Night 

There was a period of time where I didn’t eat much real food because I was so consumed with making sure I was drinking whatever shake was popular at the time. And then, of course, the pre-workout drink. And then the post-workout drink. And then making sure I had enough amino acids. Obv. And then I had to fit in all of my required protein bars. And, whoops, couldn’t forget those fat burners! Oh my!

But supplements don’t apply here. They most certainly should be thought of as an essential part of daily life and long-term health. The right supplements have changed the game for me, my body, and my brain. FACT.

And which do the trick for me? See for yourself! But remember, as I state in the video, these are just what work for ME, okay?



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My Botox Procedure On Camera + Exact Treatment + Before & After Pics

Here’s the tea, ladies. I had a little maintenance done on the vehicle last week. I’ll spill the tea for ya, but first my thoughts on injections and cosmetic surgery.

It ain’t your body – it ain’t your face – and it ain’t your place to judge. 

If someone chooses to enhance, repair, maintain or modify their appearance – that is their choice. 

No one should be shamed for wanting to look their best and what that means should be defined by you – not someone else. 

It does not mean that you have low self-esteem or that you are shallow because you want to fix, lift or fill a wrinkle. Simmer down.

To those who argue “why not just grow old gracefully” – Grace is an intrinsic quality. It has nothing to do with appearance. I’m not trying to change the face that God gave me – I’m trying to take care of it, the same way you maintain a classic car (did I just say that?) .

I don’t have a public stance on this because it’s none of my business. I have a personal stance and it is that I don’t need anyone’s approval to do what I want to feel amazing. I’m not trying to look like Im 30. I want to look like a healthy, rested version of myself at 50. And when I was getting Botox at 30, I was just trying to look like a rested 30 year old.

So look ladies – you want to go bare-faced and bra less- GOD BLESS YOU! I don’t have the genetics for either of those things. Fix it or flaunt it – that’s your choice. We as women need to stop judging.

Here’s some footage from the actual procedure — previously not seen online ANYWHERE else! And that’s because I love and appreciate you Snapshotters the most!


What did I have done exactly, you ask? Because I have no memory, I called Dr. Kay’s office and they were kind enough to drop all the deets: 

  • Temples – Restylane Lyft (2 syringes) 
  • Jawline – Radiesse (2 syringes) 
  • Deep Medial Cheek Fat – Restylane 
  • Lips – Juvederm Ultra Plus XC (1 syringe) 
  • 30 units – Xeomin (Botox) 

Now, for the full story on The Safety and Efficacy… 


Podcast Feature Of The Week: Botox, Fillers, and Everything You Wanted To Know About Cosmetic Surgery with Hollywood’s Top Surgeon, Dr. Kay!

In this week’s pod highlight, I’m interviewing Dr. Kay on all things facial cosmetic surgery! This MUST-LISTEN episode was inspired by topics YOU raised, like: the stigmas around changing / enhancing one’s appearance, finding the right MD, which procedure to start with, how safe are injectables — and everything in between!


Other pod amazingness from the week:

Oh, and no… I didn’t forget. As promised, here’s my Before and After (in just 4 days!).

Chalene johnson Before After

I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your thoughts on this week’s Snapshot! Dish!




11 responses to “My Botox Procedure On Camera + Exact Treatment + Before & After Pics”

  1. Love ❤️ how you shared CJ! I am all about self love and self care. Love for you to do a segment on Breast Implants, I have had mine in for 13 years. They still look great and I love them. At the point, where I am experiencing minor symptoms which I believe are steaming from my implants. If you go into these groups it’s so so scary!!! What is your take? Not to be vein, I am a recovering eating disorder warrior. ❤️

    13 years ago had my implants put in as I had extreme body dismorphoia. My fear is if I remove after nursing my two boys, still very thin even if a lift is done will cause me issues. Have very low body fat so a fat transfer is not an option.

    Love ❤️ for you to share with all of your knowledge and experience.

    Love ❤️ you!
    Mindee Rosen

  2. hello beautiful c h a e l en, I’m very much afraid of Botox I’ve never done it but I need to do something I’m just afraid of the toxins that puts in the body and where does it go when it flattens out. I know Kim Kardashian was allergic to it and I know some people are. How long have you been getting it and have you ever had a bad side effect? You look so beautiful. And I love your teeth I was wondering did you have crowns put on or veneers they’re so bright and it just flows beautiful with your face. I’m a health nut myself. I have always been for many years💜 I eat clean– no soy, salt, ( only sea salt), no sugar, wheat, grains, gluten, corn. I don’t drink caffeine or coffee and I juice vegetables and fruits. I have a ton of energy so I stay up really late I don’t get enough sleep 4 days of the week but meanwhile…. I love all your podcast I’m really glad I met you online LOL.
    thank you for responding

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! Women need to support each other in every way possible, including dealing with cosmetic options available to all of us these days. ❤️😀

  4. Hi, I am confused why you take such good care of reducing toxins on your skin and then inject them into you body. I guess to each his own!

    I think we need to show the next generation how to age gracefully, not try to deny the aging process. Good diet, effective toxin free moisturizers are great! Wrinkles and imperfections are signs of a life lived well.

  5. Hi Chalene – I do see how you look more youthful in the “after” photo, but you’re stunning in both. What chance do mere mortals have?? The one thing I didn’t hear mentioned at all is what the total cost was for everything you had done? I’m guessing it was thousands. (And yes, I know cost varies depending on where you live, but this would still be useful information to share). And also how long does it last? If you’re one of the people that metabolize it quickly, this is very expensive for upkeep.

  6. Hi Chalene,
    It’s your buddy in Ireland. Thank you for sharing this. I often consider this. I’m too scared though. You are my doppelganger, so I’m thinking the same areas will become an issue lol….you are a legend for being transparent. I am so grateful you are out here supporting self love. You’re the best!!!

  7. Thank you for the informative podcast. As I am still terrified of needles I will wait until the procedure can be performed by gently dabbing the affected area with a cotton swab, but your results are great!

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