How To Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur

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How does one stay motivated as an entrepreneur? Because, I’ll tell you, losing interest and excitement for something you feel called to do — you’ve taken risks to do — can bring on feelings of defeat, sadness and frustration. 

Personal anecdote: At least a few times every year there’s something I’m working on where I’m like,

“Dude, where did my mojo go?!”

Like, I was so pumped up about X and now X just feels like a freaking chore.

And when you’re an entrepreneur, that can be very confusing because we’ve been sold on this idea that entrepreneurship should always involve tons of passion. In fact, it’s that passion that is often the very reason we took a leap of faith (in the first place) and decided to become our own boss. 

So, here are some suggestions to stay motivated as an entrepreneur because — at some point — every entrepreneur will relate to getting a little off track.

How To Stay Motivated as Entrepreneur Because It Can Be Frustrating

Which leads me to my first tip:

Recognize that the ebb and flow of motivation (and interest and passion) is a natural condition. 

It’s totally normal! Hence, don’t beat yourself up for it nor spend too much time questioning yourself. 

Second thing: Make sure this is in fact something you need to continue pursuing.

More often than not, it is! But use this time as an opportunity to take pause and ask,

“Do I really need to do this?”

And even deeper,

“Does this align with my current values and what I want to feel?”

Third thing: Brainstorm a more interesting/exciting/creative/fulfilling way of doing what you need to do. 

Maybe you’re a book writer and need to check yourself into a hotel for 2 weeks to get your first draft complete — escaping your everyday life of responsibilities. 

Perhaps that sounds like an insane option, but, trust me, there is SOMETHING you can do to nudge the ability to stay motivated. Think outside the box!

Stay Motivated as Entrepreneur By Thinking Outside the Box

Fourth thing: Re-evaluate your goals

Let’s say, for example, you’ve already set a deadline for yourself. However, because you’re no longer motivated, you’re not working at the same clip. 

Meaning, your productivity has waned and you’re simply not going to hit that deadline.

Give yourself permission to hit a new date! 

It’s imperative to have goals that keep you accountable, but those goals should not be so overwhelming that you feel super stressed, up against the clock and unable to enjoy your life.

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