Meal Prep: How Many Days You Should Do It

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We all can relate to needing change in our lives — at some point — when it comes to diet and nutrition. If you’re at such a place in your life, it’s not enough to simply decide. The human brain does not do well with ambiguity. You must have a plan to ensure success. So, in the event you conclude that one of the steps you’ll take (on this journey to a healthier you) is learning how to meal prep… I’d like to offer my thoughts on how many days (a week) is ideal. You’ll definitely want to read on because I’m not a fan of what’s most widely recommended.

Meal Prep How Many Days Prep

How Many Days Should You Meal Prep?

If you searched YouTube right now for anything related to diet/nutrition, you’re going to hear expert after expert talk meal planning/prep. 

And almost always the consensus is to spend one day to prep your food for all 7 days. For example, ever heard of Meal Prep Sunday? This is a well known term in the fitness world.

It’s also common, though, to split up your prepping into 2 days per week.

Now, let me tell you, I am not a big fan of this traditional, if you will, meal planning process.

Are you kidding?!

Trying to…

  • figure out lunch/dinner for the next seven days
  • make it in advance
  • put everything in little containers
  • fit all the things in your fridge

…is just way too time intensive and stressful. Not to mention, daunting. If you’re easily distracted, like me (hi, ADHD), trying to plan out a whole week’s worth of meals (in ONE day!) is nearly impossible.

By day two, I’m already not looking forward to my dinner. And by day three, I’m grossed out by something that I made four days earlier.

However, if that works for you, then go ahead and do it. Because I concede…. it works for a lot of people. 
Meal Prep For Week Works For Many People

But I’ve worked with literally tens of thousands of people to help them get their nutrition back on course and what, I feel, works far better…

Prep for tomorrow ONLY.

Just sit down and make a plan for:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • dinner

Sure, if you want take it a step further, prepare some of tomorrow’s meals, too! But that’s it!

Your plan might include:

  • all the ingredients you need
  • what you’re shopping for
  • when you’ll make the meals
  • additional ideas for the rest of the week

Remember: Consistency is the key. Practice this meal prep at the same time every day/night.

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