How To Improve And Maintain Your Mental Wellbeing

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There are ten things I do – regularly – to improve and maintain my mental wellbeing. These are habits you can quickly adopt, too.

See, at least once a day someone will send me a message on whatever social media platform and ask, “Are you always in a good mood? This happy? Or is it, like, a social media thing you’re putting on?

My husband, Bret, says, I’m happy 95% of the time. I would argue 98%. Either way, I’d say that percentage is darn good. Let’s say Bret is correct. Why does that 5% enter the picture to begin with?

When I’m not feeling right, it’s because I haven’t had a chance to be alone and collect my thoughts. I’m an introvert. Hence, quiet time is crucial to my overall wellbeing. If there’s too much stimulation, too many people for too long of a time… I won’t feel myself.

During those rare moments, there’s probably a little bubble people can see above my head that screams, “leave me alone!

So, how do I snap out of it?

Changing Your Mental Wellbeing

Number one: Help other people.

The only expectation you should have when helping others is that it’s going to make you feel better.

Number two: Study like a student.

Whether it’s baking a cake, decorating a house, or a new language. That knowledge acquired makes you feel a little more certain.

Number three: Leave it in God’s hands.

In order to use this exercise, you’ve got to have something bigger than YOU to believe in. For me, that’s God. When I can’t understand what’s going on, or things don’t make sense, the only explanation for me is, well, God has a plan here. It is for my greater purpose.

Number four: Don’t focus on all the other people.

I don’t focus on irrelevant people. Rather, I concentrate on things that lift my family and lift the people who I love. Those who truly want what is best for my wellbeing and vice versa.

People Who Want What Is Best For Your Wellbeing

Number five: See the positive in anyone or any situation.

No matter how lousy someone might be or acted, I always see something in them that’s a gift. Even if, let’s say, somebody really put me (or my family) through a hardship… I will note the experience as a good thing. Because, dear reader, at the end of the day, it’s going to make me a better person. Not to mention, more aware of what to look out for next time.

Number six: Express gratitude to people the moment I think of it.

This drives Bret crazy, but whenever he’ll say something complimentary about, someone – a friend, staff member, or whomever – I go, “Send them a text! Right now!

I believe when you have that fleeting grateful thought about someone, let them know in THAT moment. Because as soon as that thought came, it will go away and never get delivered.

Number seven: Focus on your next small step.

Oftentimes, we get into a funk because we think about the giant thing we’re working toward.

When I have a goal that’s size-able, I break it down into countless small steps – which, eventually, helps to reach the finish line. But before the main victory, you need to have minor victories. And those are going to be each and every small step along the way.

Small Steps To Improving Your Wellbeing

Number eight:  Never worry about things you have no control over.

If your son or daughter is injured, there’s nothing you can do about it. If it’s going to possibly rain tomorrow, and you have an outdoor event planned, there is nothing you can do about it. There’s nothing that worry can do to help make life easier and improve your wellbeing. All it does is rob you of being present and creates negative energy in your mind. Turn it over to God.

For the 2 remaining tips and fly-on-the-wall personal stories between Bret and I in the car, you’ll want to check out my podcast, titled: 10 Mental Exercises To Fortify A Positive Attitude on The Chalene Show! I think you’ll love the way I dig deep into each of the points above and then some!


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