Difference Between Individual And Group Coaching

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Group coaching will never be as personal as individual coaching, true. And if you offer one-on-one training, your students will be held more accountable because they’re directly talking to you every day. But listen, when you transition from individual coaching into more broad online coaching – whether virtual or online course or academy – there are huge benefits to be had.

6 Benefits Of Group (Online) Coaching

Benefits Of Online Group Coaching

The first: Help more people.

You can’t individually train thousands of people in a day because there just simply isn’t enough time and you don’t have enough energy. But with an e-course… you can teach thousands of people at once while you’re sleeping.

The second: Extra free time.

When you transition to coaching a group, you free up more of your own time to focus on the things you’re good at – to grow your business and to help even more people in the future.

The third: Energy to focus elsewhere.

Batching videos (record multiple lessons in one sitting) gives you more juice (and time!) for other endeavors.

Filming Online Group Course

The fourth: Less of an emotional investment.

Going through the highs and lows with your (one-on-one) students feels rewarding, yet it takes an emotional toll on your life. When you transition into hands-off online coaching, you still get to feel the reward of the success of your students because they’ll tell you.

Trust me, I know from personal experience. When a course is successful, people will:

  • Shout you out in social media
  • Send you emails
  • Leave comments under your posts

All of this to constantly tell you how great said product is or how successful they’re becoming – based off the coaching you’re providing. At the same time, interestingly, people are less likely to share a negative outcome from your coaching.

See, an online academy is a lot like a fitness video. You may or may not know I have some experience with those (at least that’s what the Guinness Book Of World Records says). Personal training at a gym is highly time-consuming. Plus, usually you’re only really doing one client per hour. By creating fitness videos, exercisers have the luxury of working out in their own homes. And now I, the trainer, am able to help more students. Like, millions more! Not to mention, there’s less of an emotional investment because no one is sharing their life experience with me, on a daily basis, after class. Which happens more often than you might imagine. God bless ’em.

The fifth: Less risk involved.

When done in group format, there’s more pressure on the student (to implement your teachings) than you (to be a good teacher). If I take a Spanish class in college and don’t learn a lick of Spanish, a lot of people are going to blame that on poor teaching. Partially, that could be true. It could also be true that I’m lazy and didn’t study. But it’s a lot more likely that people are going to blame the teacher in that scenario compared to one where I downloaded Rosetta Stone and try to learn Spanish on my own.

Individual coaching vs group

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