How To Increase Engagement on Your Instagram Feed

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The rules to increase engagement on your Instagram feed are not to be confused with rules for Stories (and whichever new feature IG announces tomorrow). Let’s get to it!

Rules To Increase Engagement on your Instagram Feed

Rule for Feed #1: In your caption, incentivize your audience to engage by asking them to save, share, like, comment.

But, be specific. Tell them:

  • “Save this post so you can come back to it later!”
  • “Share this post with a friend who would love to learn this content!”
  • “Like this post so that you see ones like it more regularly!”

Rule for Feed #2: Post content that’ll keep followers on your page longer.

  • Lengthy captions
  • Videos
  • IGTVs
  • Carousels
  • Reels

This type of content increases the time people spend on your post. And the longer they’re on your post, the better you’ll do in the algorithm.

Rule for Feed #3: Reply to all comments.

This tactic will literally double your number of comments. See, if you get 10 comments and you respond to all 10 — now you have 20 comments. Simple and obvious — but effective.

Now, the best kind of comment you can reply with is a question. Because when you ask a question, it starts conversation. Try and have a follow-up question ready to go to keep engagement and dialogue going!

Increase Engagement on Instagram by Replying to Comments with Questions

Rule for Feed #4: At (@) someone who is just a liker.

Picture it: You’ve just started on Instagram and got a grand total of four likes on your newest picture. Zero comments. Well, use the at symbol (@) and tag someone who did like it. Thank them for it or ask a follow-up question relating to the content.

Rule for Feed #5: Get someone to react to your Stories.

Instagram knows that anyone who responds to a Story is someone who is looking for engagement and wants to go deep.

We only check out the Stories of those we are curious to know more about.

That’s why it’s imperative to create variety in your Stories! If your stories are boring — the same thing day in and day out — people will eventually stop watching.  Make sure you make them interesting. (Also, post consistently and throughout the day.)

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