Is Your Family Healthy | It’s More Than Diet and Exercise

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Did you know the simple act of having dinner as a family can help your children grow into healthy and well-adjusted adults? In an episode of The Chalene Show, I sat down with Shawn Stevenson, a seasoned health expert and host of The Model Health Show. We dove deep into the role of family, food, and well-being. 

Tune in and read on to learn how emotional connections serve as the cornerstone of a healthy family and how it affects weight management, nutrition, and exercise. 

Emotional Connection: The True Foundation of Family Health

Shawn Stevenson emphasizes that the essence of a healthy family comes from “connection, understanding, curiosity, and patience.” That hit home for me. It made me realize that forming an emotional bedrock in family life is the first step to achieving sustainable health goals.


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How Our Family Background Shapes Health Beliefs

Shawn’s childhood narrative gave me goosebumps. On the podcast he described his time growing up in two contrasting environments in St. Louis— a challenging home with his single mom and stepdad, and a nurturing one with his grandma. These diverse experiences framed his perspectives on health, wellness, and familial bonds.

What’s empowering is that we can actively choose which beliefs nurture us and our families, regardless of past experiences.

The Transformative Power of Family Meals

From upping your kids’ consumption of wholesome foods to curbing the intake of processed grub and sugary drinks, shared meals are transformative. Beyond nutrition, eating together strengthens family bonds and enhances mutual understanding. Even if you’re on a tight budget, frequent family meals can skyrocket your kids’ intake of fruits and vegetables.

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Winning Strategies for Overcoming Picky Eaters

If you’re like me and have dealt with the challenges of picky eaters or the lure of easy-to-grab processed foods, Shawn’s advice is pure gold:

  • Introduce a variety of healthy foods; cravings are often formed by exposure.
  • Give kids options so they can make empowered choices.
  • Be a role model when it comes to healthy eating habits.
  • Take baby steps to ease the transition to a wholesome diet.

Crafting Your Family’s Healthy “Micro-Culture”

Shawn follows the concept of a family “micro-culture,” a tailor-made environment that encourages healthy habits. It goes beyond simply mirroring society’s norms and includes:

  • Prioritizing quality family time and emotional bonding.
  • Gradually adopting a whole-food-based diet.
  • Involving kids in planning and cooking meals.
  • Modeling self-care activities like regular exercise.

These steps build a robust framework that helps your kids understand and value health, and how their daily choices impact overall well-being.

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The journey towards a healthy family isn’t always straightforward or easy, but every effort is a step in the right direction. For more practical advice, tune in to episode #1022 of The Chalene Show here or watch on YouTube.

With the right tools and insights, it’s never too late to cultivate a nurturing and healthy family environment. Let’s get to it, peeps!


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