How To Know If Your Hashtags Are Working on Instagram

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You’ve read countless blogs here on the efficacy of hashtags on Instagram. But, how can you know and determine which ones are actually working and performing best for your post?

Know Which Hashtags are Working and Performing Best on InstagramWell, welcome to today’s Instagram Hashtag hack! And the great thing is there’s no third-party app needed or special website to visit.

You can do this right within Instagram.

Now, what this hack will allow you to do is figure out — after you’ve published a post — which hashtags:

  • Performed best
  • Did well for your account
  • Might be worth re-using in the future

How To Know If Your Hashtags Are Working on Instagram 

Follow these steps:

1. Open up the Instagram post that you just made. (This doesn’t work on Instagram Reels, at the moment).

2. Press the Promote button in the bottom right.

3. Go through all of the steps to promote the post (run an ad). But don’t worry! You’ll cancel before you’re ever charged. And don’t pay much mind to the intended audience or goal or budget.

Side-note: I like to set my budget at $1 — over one day. So literally, if I can’t cancel it and I do get charged, the most I’m getting charged is a single dollar.

4. Once you start the promotion, you’re going to immediately go back to that post and press View Insights.

5. As you’re viewing the insights, scroll down to the bottom and it will show you Impressions from Hashtags.

Here, you’ll find out which Instagram hashtags provided you with the highest number of impressions. That way, you can figure out which hashtags:

  • Did best for you
  • Allowed that post to reach new people
  • Helped your account get discovered

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