Laid Off Due To Coronavirus? Here’s What To Do…

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Getting laid off is rarely something someone can prepare for — both emotionally and financially. Now, factor in losing one’s income due to a worldwide pandemic — with millions upon millions of jobs gone in record time — and you have an economic reality that is borderline impossible to fully grasp.

Well, dear reader, as you know, that is exactly what we’re currently dealing with.

Millions of People Are Laid Off Due to Coronavirus

Therefore, it might possibly be more pertinent now — than ever in our history — to have a plan when laid off.

So, what should you do if you’ve been laid off, furloughed, terminated? Well, there’s one thing (nobody else is talking about) I recommend.

But first, let me offer how Bret, my husband, and I are currently handling communication with our staff. In a nutshell, we’re being ridiculously transparent. I like to think we always are, actually. We’re telling them,

“Be prepared. We’re gonna do everything in our power to keep you, but we’re a team. What matters most is value. You are doing yourself and this team, which is a family, a disservice if you’re not trying to figure out how to keep us afloat, where we can pivot, and how we can serve our people.”

Look, if you’re currently employed, this isn’t a time to relax and binge that show you’ve been meaning to catch up on.

Use Your Time Wisely When Laid Off and Think Proactively

You’ve got to be valuable.

Which leads me to what I truly feel would be the greatest service you, as one who was just recently laid off, can provide…

Tell your boss that you would like to continue — in some capacity — to give your services for free during this time.

Does that sound insane? It’s not.

Trust me, you won’t be forgotten. You will 100% be the go-to person they’re going to bring back first. Let them know, 

“How can I work for you for free? Also, full disclosure, because I obviously need to pay the rent, I’m going to pursue other opportunities. That said, it’s important to me to continue with what I was doing for you, on some level, because I understand what you’re going through.”

The last thing you should do is get angry with the company that had to make decisions. Nobody wants to lay anyone off — ever. It’s a horrible thing to do, incredibly stressful and beyond upsetting.

We’re all in this pandemic together and you’ve got to think about serving your sisters and brothers.

Think About How To Serve Your Boss Even When Laid Off

I have so much more for you on this topic! Check out this Build Your Tribe episode where Bret and I get candid and break down the historic CARES ACT Package! We’ll tell you everything you need to know from the business owner’s perspective!

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