Less is More When It Comes to Your Website Content

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There are plenty of studies which confirm that over 98% of website traffic goes to the top 10 websites. And you know that list includes all the social media giants, like: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. 

People are just spending more time on social (discussing why is a whole other blog). And, not to mention, these platforms are trying to become your one-stop-shop for ALL the things, too (also, another blog). 

My point is, our own personal websites just don’t get much traction these days. Which is why less is more when it comes to content on YOUR site. 
Less More Content Website Because Social

Personal anecdote: The number one reason for cancellation of the InstaClubHub (the site I co-own with my son), is people don’t feel like they’re using things enough. Yeah, we offer TOO much content. 

Take some of these statistics: 

  • Columbia University of Chicago deleted 97% of the pages on their website. The next year, student application inquiries went up by 80%. 
  • The Norwegian Cancer Society removed 90% of their content and saw extremely positive results.
  • The US Department of Health deleted 150,000 of its 200,000 pages. They literally deleted three out of four pages, and there wasn’t one person who complained or even said anything.

In fact, according to a study done by Service Design Magazine, about 90% of our web pages (the pages that we put on our websites) aren’t even looked at.

Hence, if people actually visit our websites (already a tall order), they’re only really looking at, reading and using about 10% of those pages. 

And so the major lesson, I think, we can take away from this is to pull it way back when comes to website content.

Studies Confirm Less Is More Content Website

Bottom line: If we want people to reuse our website — over and over again — and be one of those sites that are in the 2% that are actually visited (along with the big 10), we need to make our website as clean and simple as possible.

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