List Of Things To Say No To

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I don’t think I need to go into why you need a list of certain things to say no to. You know you need to say no more often, right?

But sometimes we need to hear from someone — other than our own subconscious or mother — that some things are just not doing us any favors in life.

And the following list should prove a good start. 

List of Things To Say No To

List of Things to Say No To That Aren't Doing you Favors in Life

One — Self-centered / self-absorbed friends and family members. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking,

“Oh Chalene, how do I say no to family members if they’re in my own freaking home!?”

I didn’t say you had to kick them out and I didn’t say you didn’t have to be kind — you just don’t have to say yes to everything. 

Remember, we teach people how to treat us! Say no to…

  • activities
  • events
  • social gatherings

…you’re not looking forward to and/or don’t want to go to.

In other situations, just politely send in your RSVP and let them know, unfortunately, you will not be able to attend. 

Two — People who continually tap you for money and resources (and nothing changes). 

Frankly, if someone constantly comes to you for a loan or for advice and nothing is changing, you’re not helping them.

Three — Social media.

If looking at the content of certain accounts makes you feel less…

  • pretty
  • cute
  • smart
  • exciting

…just say no to them by muting or unfollowing. Why subject yourself to anything which triggers negative feelings in you?

List Say No To Social Media

Four — Social activities you know are not healthy for you. 

For example, you’ve got that one friend who — every time you see her — you…

  • eat too much with
  • drink too much with
  • gossip too much with

In this scenario, maybe the next time she invites you out say,

“Well, I’ve got something else in mind. Why don’t we try taking a hike or a workout class together?”

Five — Being used. 

You know your value.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re allowing people to demand your time — 24/7 — you’ve made yourself an employee of your own business. 

When you…

  • don’t establish boundaries
  • say yes to everyone 
  • respond to messages/inquiries on Saturday night, Sunday morning and on your kid’s birthday

…you’re undervaluing your own worth.

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