Why Do People Follow On Instagram, Facebook (and Most Platforms)

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Many people using social media to grow their brand are obsessed with follower count. While I teach that how many people follow you is NOT the most important metric (that would be engagement) — it certainly makes a difference. 

So, how does one get that ever precious follow on Instagram, Facebook or any social media platform, really?

Why People Follow Instagram

Why Do People Follow On Instagram, Facebook (and Most Platforms) 

I think it all begins with the psychology of a follow.

Picture it: A piece of content is suggested to you — maybe on IG’s For You Page or TikTok’s Explore Page, etc. —  and you’re like,

“Oh, this is good!”

You know, it just captures your attention for whatever reason.

And so, the content resonates with you so much that you want to see more of it. Like it:

  • falls within your niche
  • happens to be centered around your new fave hobby
  • involves home decoration and you’re always decorating your home

This would be when a follow is definitely a probability. 

Side note: If you’re enjoying content you solely find entertaining — you’re dying laughing because it’s so freaking funny — but it’s not particularly useful for your future self… you won’t follow.

But, hold up: we usually need more (to spark a follow) than just one video that falls within our niche, for example.

Why People Follow Instagram Niche Social Media
The next step, after you’ve watched a super relatable video (for you, your genre, your lifestyle) is to tap on the profile. 

Once you’re on the creator’s page, you’ll quickly scroll their content (in less than 10 seconds) and read their bio. 

That bio is key because you’re wondering,

“Okay, will they tell me if they post more of this type of content?”

And if they’re smart enough to include what they do and it matches the content you just previously saw, then yeah… 


However, we are far more stingy today with our follows because, well, there’s too much supply.

Bonus tip: thumbnails.

You must title/label your thumbnails. If you aren’t and the still image to showcase your content is some random action from the video, you will lose people. 

Thumbnails that clearly state what the content is about are a must — because things have changed in social media. 

We need for people to scan our profile page and, without having to watch any of the content, think,

“Oh, I know what this is about!”

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