How To Improve Your Love Life During Lockdown

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Lockdown 2020 has definitely brought on crazy unforeseen challenges to our love lives. Whether you’re single and hoping to meet someone or in a relationship, quarantine life has put relationships under a microscope! In some cases, love has been kicked into fast forward and, in others, it has totally come to a grinding halt.

Lockdown Life Has Affected Couples in Many Ways

There are days when we all feel like we’re on a reality TV show — similar to Survivor or Big Brother — except, we can’t leave the house or get off the island. And no one can vote us off!

Now, the reason why those shows are so fascinating is because they remove all of the distractions for the contestants. So, emotions run deeper.

But real life, with your significant others — or lack thereof — is very much a different story.

It’s as if this lockdown has us all part of this massive experiment in human behaviors.

We don’t have:

  • Romantic restaurant date nights
  • Regular sleep schedules
  • Places to escape for peace and quiet

And sometimes when we remove all those things, what’s revealed are the cracks.

For singles:

It goes without saying that what’s most important during lockdown is our health and well-being. Sure, it always was, but seriously… RIGHT NOW is key.

And I love that people are setting aside their personal objectives for the greater good of society. But what impact does this have on your mental health?

Our Mental Health Is Greatly Impacted By Lockdown

Physical intimacy, even just touch, is necessary. We know, based on countless scientific studies, that those lacking in physical touch are far more likely to experience stress, depression, and anxiety.

Hence, get on dating apps, talk to prospective mates on the phone, set up some virtual dates, post on Stories that you’re available and ready to mingle, send a mass email to people you trust to put the word out on your singledom, etc.

For new couples:

My suggestion is that both parties in the relationship check out individual virtual therapy and couples therapy, too.

According to a survey published by the Journal of Family Psychology, couples who participate in premarital education reported much higher levels of marital success.

There’s nothing to lose, it’s not going to hurt and you have everything to gain! And I’m guessing you definitely have the time right now!

While it might not seem this way today, I promise your marriage is way more important than your wedding day.

For the not-so-new couple:

Same as above. Especially, one-on-one therapy. You have to take care of you at this time — which, in turn, will help your relationship.

If the lockdown has affected your energy as a unit (and there is a strong likelihood it has), then definitely seek couples therapy, too. 

Virtual Therapy For Couples Is Key During Lockdown

It’s not an understatement to say that this lockdown has thrown everyone’s love life into never-before seen uncharted territories!

Which is why I know you’re going to love The Chalene Show podcast below as I feature callers who are in all different stages of relationships. No doubt, there will be something in each call everyone will find relatable!

And don’t forget to subscribe to TCS for weekly shows dedicated to your overall wellbeing — pandemic or no pandemic!


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