DIY Gel Extension Nails

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As Heard on The Chalene Show, Podcast Feature of the Week: Breath Work for Anxiety and Body Image, with Samantha Skelly

All of us could use healthy coping tools to best handle stress, anxiety and negative thoughts — especially these days. Which is why I reached out to my friend, Samantha Skelly. She suffered for years from a distorted body image, emotional eating and over-exercising. But, by using her own very unique approach to breath work, she healed and overcame her struggles! Today, Samantha will share the details of her practice (including, an actual session). Whether you’re an experienced yogi or question the touchy-feely-ness of Mind-body therapy, you’re sure to find this episode an important resource for transforming your life.


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As Seen on IG Feed: My New At-Home Makeshift Gym

Before all of this, I would never have dreamed of converting my living room into a gym. That would’ve been out of the question. But things have changed and, frankly, what a blessing. I don’t know that I’ll ever change it back! Truth.

Let me know in the comments what changes this situation has brought upon that you may just keep in place — even after things “go back to normal”! 

So, this is my new gym… some of our members struggle to understand the importance of social distancing. (Make sure you click the right arrow for the video tour)


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As Seen on IGTV: DIY Gel Extension Nails

I couldn’t take it anymore! I gave in and did my own nails this week. Luckily, before Covid-19 my dear friend @drmcayla let me practice on her. This I know for sure: I do not have the patience or the skills to do this work! If you desperately miss your nail tech, stylist, massage therapist, makeup artist or beauty guru, send them a quick Thank You text! And — if it’s something you can afford to do — send them a Venmo, cashApp or PayPal to let them know they haven’t been forgotten!


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Did you laugh with me this week? Learn anything? Tell me all the things because I’m always listening!

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  1. That is one of the funniest things I have ever watched! I am typing through my tears!! Thank you, keep having fun, and stay safe. Love you xo

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