How To Make A Video Go Viral On TikTok

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Before we cover how to make your video go viral on TikTok, I think it’s important to note that shouldn’t be the end goal. That’s not all there is. Establishing a loyal following — AKA, Lifers — is key.

But, going video viral is definitely attractive and a way to grow your account far more rapidly than any other form of growth possible (on social media).

More preamble before the good stuff: If you don’t know what it means to go viral, just think of a viral infection — spreading from person to person to person. So, going viral on social media basically means creating a post that’s shared and re-shared so many times that it just explodes in viewership!

Going Video Viral Allows Your To Grow Your Account Rapidly

Getting your video to go viral on TikTok is easier than any other platform in 2020. 

And there’s a reason for this:

The primary place where people are consuming content on TikTok is what’s called the For You Page — sometimes referred to as FYP. This page features a curated list of the most popular content that TikTok’s algorithm believes YOU would like to view. Oh yeah, their algorithm is the best the in the biz, people!

Anyway, the vast majority of posts shown to you on the For You Page comes from creators you’ve probably never even seen before. I mean, Lord knows you’ll be scrolling for hours on TikTok and just think,

“Who are all these people and why am I obsessing over all of them!?”

Because TikTok is smart and they’re in your head. Not really, but kind of.

TikTok Built Their Algorithm To Know Which Video You Want to Watch Next

Now, let’s get to the juice and discuss HOW to make your vids on TikTok reach millions!

It all comes down to the 5 things we’ve learned TikTok cares about, specifically. (Get ready to write down this list for the next time you’re shooting a video!)

#1 Thing TikTok algorithm cares about: Rewatches

This means the total number of times someone is rewatching your video. For example, if someone watches your 3 second clip 3 times, they’re spending nine seconds on your post. TikTok values this more than all the things, I promise.

Hence, when you’re creating content, think about what would make someone want to rewatch your video.

Think About What It Would Take To Get People To Rewatch Your Video

#2 Thing TikTok algorithm cares about: Completion

Are your viewers finishing your video? You’ve got to keep this in mind. That’s why it might not be the best idea to make a 30 — 45-second video when most TikToks are under 10 seconds.

#3 Thing TikTok algorithm cares about: Shares

Generally, sharing your video to other platforms — whether it’s Instagram stories, WhatsApp, or simply copying the link and texting it to friends.

#4 Thing TikTok algorithm cares about: Comments

This is exactly as it sounds… literally anytime someone leaves a comment!

But did you know there’s a way to hack this particular part of the algorithm!? To find out how and…

  • Tip #5
  • Who are the TikTok panelists
  • What it means to have your content “featured”
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about creating something new

… then, you’re going to want to check out the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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