Makeup Tips To Look Younger and More Refreshed at 40 (Plus)

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Are you past a certain age — 35, 40, 50? — and feel like your look could use an update? Maybe it’s your style, your makeup, your hair? You want something that makes you look younger and more refreshed, but, yet, you’re also kind of afraid to try new things? 

Or maybe you’re looking at what younger people are doing and thinking “Can I pull that off, too?”

And — without looking like you’re a “try hard” as my kids would say. 

But, ummm. That’s easy for the kids to say, right?! Their skin is young, tight and perfect. As we age, though, our skin changes. 

Hence, makeup (and all that entails) often becomes a daunting task.

Let’s be real, ladies… we’ve all been there. 

Makeup Tips Look Younger Daunting Task

It’s tough to know what changes to make, especially as we get older.

Now, I may not be a makeup artist or an image consultant, but I’ve picked up a thing or two from watching the experts — usually in their 20s and 30s — and paying attention to what works (and what doesn’t) for women of a certain age.

That said, let’s just get this out of the way…

You don’t need to change a damn thing. You can stay exactly as you are. This is just for those of you who desire something:

  • new
  • refreshed
  • updated
  • different
  • better 

Personally, if I may say — I think it’s natural and healthy to want to refresh and update our look from time to time. No matter where you’re at in life. 

But when you throw in the aging component… it can feel a bit more urgent.


3 things to keep in mind before we start:

Evaluating New Looks.

One of the most challenging parts of updating our makeup routine as we age is figuring out what changes to make. It can be overwhelming to know where to start. So, it’s important to take your time, test and play.

Finding Your Personal Style.

Just because a certain look is popular or trendy doesn’t mean it will work for you. It’s important to find something that flatters your features and works with your very own, unique personal style. 

No Need To Break The Bank (or Your Spirit).

Updating your makeup routine can be expensive, especially if you’re considering investing in new products or hiring a makeup artist. But it’s possible to refresh your look without breaking the bank. 

All my tips below, I trust, will help with the aforementioned 3 points.

11 Makeup Tips To Look Younger and More Refreshed at 40 (Plus)

Makeup Tips to Look Younger at 40

  • One: Stop lining your under eye.

Like, don’t put any liner (even mascara) on your lower lashes. I mean, just a little bit, if anything. 

  • Two: Stop using a liquid liner — to line the inside edge of your eye — all the way up into a cat eye. 

It just doesn’t work anymore.

  • Three: If you want your eye to look lifted, stop bringing your lashes so low on the outside corners. 

This technique drags your eye down and makes it look droopy.

  • Four: Do not use shimmery shadows.
  • Five: Fluff your eyebrows and fill them in (AKA stop plucking!).
  • Six: Don’t use cakey foundation. 
  • Seven: Stop using under-eye concealer directly under your eyes.
  • Eight: Use lighter lashes — and apply them underneath, instead of on top of your lashes.
  • Nine: Don’t contour/highlight the tip of your nose.
  • Ten: Don’t blush the apples of your cheeks.
  • Eleven: No more bright lipsticks.

For WHY I feel the way I do about all of the above, WHAT to do instead, HOW to (and not to) implement each of them, PLUS all the products I use… you’ll need to listen to this episode of The Chalene Show:

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