How Do You Start Manifesting? (The First Step)

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Many times when people talk about manifesting — and it’s certainly talked about more than ever these days — they tend to start with visualization. As in, imagining and seeing (with the help of a vision board!) your dream:

  • person 
  • job
  • income
  • home
  • car
  • location (to live)

However, most people who teach the practice/art of manifesting leave out what, I think, is the actual FIRST step in the process.

The feeling piece.

People Leave out the First Step in Manifesting when Start.

When I talk about manifestation, personally, what I really mean is…

What is the process that I follow to bring something that I want to have happen into reality? 

While there’s so much one can do — mindset, intention, goal setting — you first have to start with the feeling. 

Take, for example, your dream home.

What is the feeling you want to have in this home?

For me, I want to feel:

  • safe
  • comfortable
  • peaceful
  • each room serves a purpose

Basically, you want to get deep and centered and really consider all the words you want to feel in whatever it is for you that has yet to be realized.

Work on the Feeling when you Start Manifesting to Get what You Want

The importance of starting with a feeling in the dream home scenario, for instance, is that you won’t worry so much about the:

  • price
  • location 
  • size
  • availability 

And it won’t matter. The universe will start to shift and the right dream home will, eventually, find its way to you. As long as you hold on to the feeling of it every day (of course it doesn’t end there either).

Personal anecdote: This is true for me with all areas of life. When it comes to my…

  • career
  • marriage
  • finances
  • health

…I think about what I want to experience when I have the thing.

To be clear, experience is just another word for feel.

Manifesting what You Want for your Home Where to Start

But how do you even begin working on the feeling when your brain is telling you that what you want isn’t a reality yet?

You have to believe — and, to be frank, practice some gnarly self trickery — that the thing you want is already here. And, most importantly, be grateful for it.

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