Why You Should Repost Your Instagram Content

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Stop creating new content on Instagram and just repost previous posts. Well, while that may be a gross exaggeration, today’s blog will illustrate why reposting your old(er) content actually serves you and your followers.

Repost Instagram Content Followers

Why You Should Repost Your Instagram Content

Family anecdote: My son, Brock, is known for his hyper-frequency re: posting on Instagram. 

However, what many people don’t know is that he’s able to maintain that level of output without a high level of input (i.e., without having to put in a ton of work on a daily or even a weekly basis). And yet, he continues to grow his follower count, daily, by the thousands.

The way he’s able to do that — upload so much content on Instagram — is by reusing and reposting content he’s already shared in the past. 

In fact, Brock recently blew a lot of people’s minds by stating the fact that only one out of every three posts he shares on Instagram is a new idea / piece of content.

The other two-thirds of his posts are a repost, like:

  • previous recreations of jokes or content or ideas
  • using the exact same caption (if it still applies)
  • reposting an already posted reel or carousel
Repost on Instagram Sharing Old Content

Here’s the thing…

Most people never notice that it was a repost! Why?

Because, the majority of your followers never see the original post. It’s just how the algorithm works.

Bottom line: Most of your followers just see a fraction of your posts.  

Hence, if you post something today that you originally posted three months ago, it will be brand new to a huge chunk of your following.

Side note: The very few people who did see the post the first time, most likely, will not remember having already seen it. And the 1% of those who do recall you shared a certain piece of content some months back… will not care.

This is because you’re re-posting content that…

  • did so well
  • was impactful
  • proved valuable

…so anyone who remembers it is totally okay with seeing it again.

Repost Instagram Content Followers Never See Original Post
Should you acknowledge it’s a repost?

Short answer: no. 

For why that is, plus:

  • how to know exactly what to repost (there is a strategy)

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