This Trick is Even More Effective Than Batch-Producing Content for Social Media

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I’m sure that if you’ve attended any webinar or training on how to save time or if you’ve read any book on how to be more productive, you’ve heard about the idea of batch-producing content. And this process can be especially helpful (even a game-changer) for social media.

In the event you don’t know what batch-producing content is, allow me to elaborate on this method. 

Think about it like making a batch of cookies. You’re making a bunch at once, and then you can save those cookies for the rest of the week and eat them over time. 

Translation into social media…

  • Write a bunch of blog posts at once and post them over the rest of the month
  • Record multiple Reels in one sitting and post them for the next week
  • Film/edit 4 YouTube videos on a Sunday afternoon and publish later

Filming Multiple YouTube Videos in One Day is Batch Producing But There's Something more Effective

For a lot of people — especially in the entrepreneurial space — batch-producing can be really effective.

And there are plenty of studies that prove this technique contributes to falling into a super focused zone — allowing you to actually produce a lot more. 

Also, it takes the stress away from having to work on your content on a daily basis. If you can budget your time correctly, who wouldn’t find value in, for example, spending a couple of hours ONE day a week creating tweets for the next seven days?

Bottom line: People are really able to hack their productivity with batch-producing. 

But for me, batch-producing was never all that doable. 

Personal anecdote: I would try to schedule time. Literally, write down in my PUSH Journal a three-hour window where I’d plan on recording a bunch of podcasts. Like most people, it was usually on a Sunday afternoon — when I didn’t have a lot, if any, conflicts.

I’m telling you, though, things would always come up and get in the way!

  • Scrolling on Instagram
  • Unexpected phone call
  • Organize the hangers (turning into a full closet makeover)
  • One of the dogs got sick
  • Visiting my father-in-law

The point is, it can be very challenging — unrealistic, really — for a lot of us to have a three to five-hour window of uninterrupted focused productive work time. 

Filming Multiple YouTube Videos in One Day is Batch Producing But There's Something more Effective

And let’s not even factor my ADHD into the equation!

Hence, for many of us, batch-producing content is not always the best solution. So, as the title of this blog affirms… I’d like to introduce you to a different method — a trick, if you will — that may prove more effective for you than batch-producing!

What is it? It’s called Chunk Producing and the Build Your Tribe podcast below will break it all down for you…

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