Realistic Ways To Make Money Online

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There are more than 100 different ways people can make money online, but today I’ll cover those that are of the more realistic (yet popular) variety. After all, it’s important to me that this blog is of value to you! I want to see you succeed out there! 

Now, these business opportunities fall into one of four different online income categories. 

  1. Reseller (someone’s who’s selling used goods)
  2. Promoter (someone who’s promoting something they didn’t create, invent or develop themselves)
  3. Provider (someone who’s providing a type of service)
  4. Producer (someone who produces content or a product)

There are 4 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

Realistic Ways To Make Money Online

At the top of the list…

Becoming a virtual assistant. 

This can be done on any number of websites that offer freelance/consulting work for people who can do just about anything online:

  • liking photos on Instagram
  • editing podcasts
  • scheduling interviews
  • managing somebody’s inbox

Let’s face it, most of us have a lot of work we have to do every day on our computers, like:

  • paying bills
  • getting our kids enrolled in classes
  • scheduling a flight
  • booking that vacation rental
  • organizing Dropbox
  • uploading YouTube videos
While most of us can do these things, we just don’t always have the time to do them ourselves! And that’s one of the number one reasons why virtual assistants are in high demand.

Becoming an online tutor. 

If the pandemic of 2020 didn’t teach us that we need more online tutors, I don’t know what will! But don’t just think in terms of grade school, high school or college age students. You can become an online tutor for someone who’s:

  • trying to pass the bar exam
  • testing for their real estate license
  • doing their own taxes
  • learning yoga

Becoming an Online Tutor is a Realistic Way to Make Money Online

People are willing to pay tutors to help them master whatever it is they’re struggling with. So, that thing that comes easy to you, gives you all the credibility you need to become an online tutor. 

Remember, we’re not talking about you creating the business that is your life’s purpose and passion; the objective is to get you earning online income, quick.

Becoming a life coach. 

No website required, all you need is a way to accept payment and the desire to help others. While there are accredited life coaching certifications, currently, state by state, there are no mandates or requirements in order to call yourself a life coach. 

For 17 additional realistic ways to make money online, plus my break down of each of the four categories — reseller, promoter, provider, producer — then you must check out this episode of the The Chalene Show:

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