Why Post on Instagram (and All Social Media) During the Holidays

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Depending on who you ask, we are either heading toward the holiday season or already smack dab in the middle of it! And one thing is certain, social media usage — Instagram, Facebook, YouTube — goes up over the holidays and you need to post and take advantage of it!

Post During Holidays on Instagram to Take Advantage of More Engagement

Let’s throw in some stats, shall we?

  • Did you know that social media traffic spikes 73% during the holidays!? I mean, with a decent percentage of people off of work (for at least some part of the holiday season), it makes sense that there would be an uptick in scrolling.
  • Facebook reports that it has seen an increase of 26% in posting over the holidays from November to January 1st.
  • 80% of Facebook posts during the holidays are from mobile — significantly more than usual. This is because people are spending less time at their computer/desk/work station, and they’re spending a lot more time at home (and on their phone).

In a recent survey, Instagram asked people for the top reasons they use social media over the holidays:

ONE – Share holiday experiences. Duh, that makes sense.

TWO – Get inspired by products shared by others. 

So, if you’re a business owner, especially, your goal should be to produce share-worthy content. A great way to figure out if your content/post is share-worthy, is to ask yourself, 

“Would a stranger care to see this?”

THREE – Send greetings.

This might inspire ideas for posts, like:

  • holiday announcements
  • catchy slogans and jingles
  • puns and jokes relating to the holidays
Again, think share-worthy; for ways to promote your business and get some more eyeballs or clicks to your Instagram profile.

Produce Share-Worthy Content When You Post on Instagram During Holidays

FOUR – Get inspiration for shopping.

Literally, finding and searching for gift ideas within the app. And that’s what IG wants you to do as they’ve been increasing emphasis — their (relatively) new shopping cart, for example — on the whole shopping component. 

What’s number FIVE?

Well, for that and ideas for holiday content (exactly what to post), check out the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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