Struggling to Focus? Top Tips from ADHD Coach Gloria Joy Sherrod

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Ever wonder why some adults suddenly find out they have ADHD? It’s like an aha-moment where years of struggling with focus, forgetfulness, and procrastination suddenly make sense. 

What’s the tipping point that makes people realize something’s up? Well, here’s the lowdown: it’s often a lack of structure.

The Influence of Structure in Our Lives

As someone who grew up within a structured environment, I can’t stress enough how important it is. Structure was my safety net; it dictated my activities, from homework to chores. Yet, the irony is, the moment we become adults, especially if we’re entrepreneurs, this safety net vanishes. We’re basically told, “Congratulations, you’re an adult. Now figure it out!” And that’s when the realization hits: without structure, I’m a mess.

The Pitfalls of Independence

It’s like waking up one day and noticing there are no guardrails on the road you’re driving. The absence of external structure magnifies our ADHD symptoms. We start to spiral down, questioning our self-worth and comparing ourselves to others who seem to have it all together. You might catch yourself thinking, “Why can’t I get my life sorted?” or “How come I can’t remember to do basic tasks?”

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How ADHD Affects Self-Confidence and Mental Health

To delve deeper into this, I invited Gloria Joy Sherrod, an ADHD Coach, to speak on The Chalene Show. According to her, the pandemic has exacerbated this lack of structure. More people are working from home and, suddenly, you’re faced with choices like, “Should I work or throw in a load of laundry?” Without the confines of a formal workspace, you’re forced to create your own structure, which is easier said than done for someone with ADHD. Consequently, self-esteem takes a hit, leading to anxiety and often depression.

Strategies for Effective Focus

So what can we do about it? Gloria suggests that creating routines can work better than having a rigid schedule. A routine becomes a habit, and habits, once formed, require less mental effort. This can be as simple as checking your planner every morning and night. Small steps lead to big changes!

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Understanding the ADHD Brain’s Tendency to Get Stuck

It’s not uncommon to find ourselves staring at a task for hours, unable to make that first move.

Here’s a tip: the best thing you can do is to switch gears. Move, take a walk, do anything to jolt your brain out of that rut. The ADHD brain tends to get “stuck,” and the trick is to give it a nudge.

The Importance of Delegating Tasks

Gloria also emphasized the significance of offloading tasks, especially for moms who are already juggling a million things. When you delegate, you’re not just distributing the workload, you’re also making room in your brain to focus on what really matters. It’s all about striking a balance.

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Trust me, the insights Gloria provided are game-changing. If you want to hear more, listen to episode #764 of The Chalene Show.

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By understanding ADHD, its relationship with focus, and how lack of structure affects us, we can navigate life a little more smoothly. Now go take on the world, you’ve got this!


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