Why Customers Don’t Buy on Social Media

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Why are your followers/customers on social media not buying from you? What’s going on, what do you do and how do you get them to, eventually, buy?

Why Customers Don't Buy From You On Social Media

What you should know first.

69% of businesses right now are spending their advertising budget on influencers.

You might be thinking,

“Well, that’s fine, but I’m not an influencer so how does this impact me?

Yes, you most certainly are an influencer. Why?

The absolute largest growing place where big companies are spending their money is with micro-influencers. 

And that can be anyone who has 1,000 followers to 100,000 followers. (If you’re reading enough of my blogs and truly applying the tools, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t have at least 1k followers).

Also, you already have something to sell — which means you don’t have to invest that budget. You just need to invest your time and understand how to do this right. 

Because, as mentioned, these big companies are looking for people, like you, who have the trust of others.

Now, if you use the following tactics and you don’t get immediate results, that doesn’t mean they’re not working. It just might mean you’ve left out a key ingredient. 

Why Customers Don’t Buy

Why Customers Don't Buy From You On Social Media

Reason #1: When you don’t help people identify the problem before you offer the solution.

For example, some people don’t even recognize they might be holding on to body fat because they’re deficient in sleep.

So, unless you’re actually using identifying terminology like, 

“Hey listen, are you sleep deprived? That might be a really big reason why you’re eating right, exercising, doing the supplements, but you can’t lose weight.”

A key aspect of my brand is always pointing out the challenges for entrepreneurs who are easily distracted.

Reason#2: Inconsistent content.

Scenario A: Frequency. You’re really consistent for a month, posting daily, and then you miss a month or two. 

Scenario B: Type of content.

  • Mondays you post about baking recipes
  • Tuesdays you feature all your rock climbing
  • Thursdays you dedicate to supplements
  • The weekends you discuss finances and gardening

Being inconsistent is a huge reason why customers don’t buy from you, and it also relates to reliability.

Being Inconsistent is Reason Why Customers Don't Buy From You

3. No engagement

Are you actively trying to interact in your direct messages/comments with your followers? And not just on your feed, but also going to theirs and liking and commenting?

Customers are 367% more likely to buy if they’ve had a conversation with you on Instagram.

For much more related to this topic, like:

  • How you’re probably making things too hard for prospective customers
  • Why the fortune is in the follow-up
  • Tips that’ll win the trust of your customers

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