What To Know Before Visiting Mykonos

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After just returning from 30 days in Europe, you know your girl has some thoughts. Like many people, I watched a lot of TikToks and YouTubes to help in deciding where exactly I would travel. And without question one of the top places recommended — by influencers across all platforms — was Mykonos. They all made it sound romantic, beautiful and, simply… the perfect getaway. But were they giving the honest truth about visiting this island in Greece? Here’s what you need to know.

Honest Truth About Mykonos Island in Greece
Personal snapshot from my trip to Mykonos!

Long story short: Mykonos is an incredibly expensive party tourist attraction.

Does that mean it’s not for you?

Well, like many things, it’s all in your mindset.

Here’s how the experience started for Bret, my husband, and I.

We didn’t meet one person — not even one — who was born and raised in Mykonos. Everyone was a transplant. Literally every person we ran into, every place we went to, every restaurant… all packed with tourists. 

So yeah, in some regards it felt a little too touristy!

The age range is very young and very single. 

Think: a bougie Las Vegas.

The music.

There’s a thumping music that’s playing constantly. Like, this sort of nonstop soundtrack.

And when I say it’s constant… I mean, there’s a literal DJ playing everywhere you go:

  • grocery store
  • nail salon
  • clubs
  • restaurants
  • coffee shops
When Visiting Mykonos Know There's Music Constantly

To be honest, I loved it! But not at first.

The first couple of days, I was a bit bummed because, for me, Mykonos was missing that European authenticity that I was looking for. It just felt like this massive hookup place.

Eventually, though, after a couple of days, I was like, 

“We just have to enjoy the experience!” (Hence, why I mentioned mindset earlier.)

You’re supposed to party in Mykonos and that’s exactly what we did!

We went to:

  • the beach clubs
  • every single recommended foodie restaurant 
  • all the best places for scenery 

And we danced on tables; we broke plates (a tradition at restaurants). 

Traveling Tradition Restaurant Breaking Plates
No matter where we went and what we did — it was a freaking party. We went for it and we lived life!

I’ve never seen my husband so happy in all my life. 

In the end, yeah… we loved Mykonos. 

That said, while we were there, everyone (social media friends) kept telling us there was another island close by that would be much more our vibe.

Romantic, chill, authentic. 

We listened and headed there next. And, my God, it was exactly what he’d hoped Mykonos would be.

Where was it? For THAT and:

  • Thoughts on packing certain apparel items
  • Things I wish I had brought on this trip
  • Products that made my travels so much easier
  • The most romantic room I’ve ever stayed in
  • Why this was the trip of a lifetime

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