Organic Social Media, What Entrepreneurs Don’t Understand

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I got a call from an entrepreneur whom I coach and mentor. They were struggling with their launch because they’re having to spend so much money on advertising — which can be a great thing if you’re getting a strong return on your investment. But, they’re not. Anyway, that conversation reminded me of mistakes I constantly see entrepreneurs make. And it almost always comes down to not understanding an organic social media strategy.

Organic Social Media, What Entrepreneurs Don’t Understand and Mistakes Always Made

Organic Social Media, What Entrepreneurs Don’t Understand

Number 1: Who is your avatar?

Figuring out who you’re trying to engage with is key. Because, umm, you need engagement on your platforms of choice!


Ask yourself questions like, what:

  • is their problem?
  • can I do to solve their issue?
  • do they need/want? 
Hence, you’ve got to think about a content strategy that starts by engaging those people and their specific needs. 

Number two: Create curiosity that turns into questions.

These questions will lead into generating relationships and to converting followers into paid customers. People who:

  • need help
  • belong in your tribe
  • join your email list
This must be thought of as long-term strategy. 
Organic Social Media Entrepreneurs Don't Understand Strategy

Number three: Constantly grow your email list.

I really can’t think of any business right now that doesn’t need / wouldn’t benefit from an email list.

80% of your focus should be around creating something of value that people will want to know more about. Meaning, they’ll give you their email address in exchange for it.

As an entrepreneur, the majority of your focus should NOT be about… how can I get more:

  • likes
  • follows
  • views

This is simply antithetical to truly building a profitable and successful organic social media marketing strategy.

It is imperative to consider how most of what you’re posting leads to an email opt-in. 

80% of my time during the day is spent creating free content which leads to suggesting a free tool. It is that free tool which, one way or another, takes people into a funnel that ultimately leads to opting in to my email list.

I’m doing that at least:

  • five times a week on my Instagram stories
  • one time a week on my feed
  • several days a week on my podcast

And that’s just for my own personal accounts (we have seven other Instagram accounts that are all constantly doing that).

But it doesn’t end there with understanding organic social media. For much more on that, plus:

  • Why your social media is NOT a commercial for your service/brand
  • What is old school selling
  • When to consider consulting and adding to your team

Then, you must check out this episode of Build Your Tribe:

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