How To Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

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Even the most positive and confident people have to overcome self-limiting beliefs. We all have thoughts that we repeat to ourselves — whether consciously or subconsciously — that hold us back from greatness. These are beliefs we’ve repeated so often we don’t even stop to realize they’re probably not true. And, more importantly, they’re certainly not serving us.

You Must Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs Because They Don't Serve You

While I have many tips that are sure to help you overcome your self-limiting beliefs (which you’ll find in the podcast below), I’d like to dedicate this blog to the THE most important tip of all:

Taking action.

And get this, you don’t have to change your beliefs in order to take action.

For example, you can believe that working out is torturous and you’ll hate it and that you won’t have enough energy to get through it. However, despite those beliefs, what happens when you just start working out?

The results will fly in the face of your beliefs!

You’ll start feeling better and stop thinking about all the things you were worrying about before you began exercising. And before you know it, you’re thinking,

“Dang, if only I had more time! This feels amazing. I wish I had started this earlier because I feel fantastic, have so much energy and probably could even do more!”

Another supportive scenario to prove that taking action will help you overcome self-limiting beliefs:

Children who believe that there are monsters under their bed!

Taking Action Will Help Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

This belief (haven’t we all been there?) prevents little ones from doing what’s good for them — fall asleep or just stay asleep in their own bed.

When a child has these beliefs, they don’t just lay there in bed and will their thoughts away. Instead, they force themselves — or, more realistically, a parent makes them — to look under the bed.

So, while they’re holding onto that negative and self-limiting belief, they must take action (look under the bed) to overcome their made-up reality.

They figure out there’s no monster there! That result helps them to feel calm and realize that not all of their thoughts are real. 

What monster is preventing you from:

  • Doing that thing that’s in your best interest?
  • Getting unstuck?
  • Feeling better about yourself?

To reach your full potential, identify that false belief that’s currently holding you back. And remember, action begets action — which, ultimately, produces a result that forms our thinking.

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