How To Get More Views On Instagram Story 2020

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Maybe you noticed earlier in quarantine 2020 — with everyone stuck at home — that your views on Instagram Story were getting higher and higher. But you may have also noticed, as the months have passed, your views have started to dip and dip. And yet, this pandemic is still very real with millions unable to return to an office or gym.

So, why aren’t your followers watching your Stories nearly as much anymore?

The algorithm learned quickly that the majority of viewers weren’t really engaged in what they were watching. Sort of like being bored and watching whatever you find on YouTube, but you’re not really paying attention. Yeah, these platforms know these things.

Because of which, Instagram, unfortunately, stopped showing your Stories to those people.

Instagram's Algorithm Knows When Your Views on Story are From Engaged Followers

Here are 2 major tips for you to jump on right now to get more views on Instagram Story in 2020.

Idea #1: Post more.

There is more going on with Instagram now than ever before — especially with the new addition of Reels. Hence, if you’re not posting consistently and throughout the day / night, you’re just not going to get views.

Every single time you post, your Story bubble moves back to the front of the lineup, if you will. It’s not in 100% chronological order, but the time you posted does make a difference. Hence, frequency matters.

Idea #2: Engagement piece.

At least once a day, I’m suggesting you have at least one engagement piece on your Instagram Story. That could be anything, like:

  • Poll
  • Quiz
  • Slider bar
  • Swipe Up

Or, encouraging your audience to:

  • DM you
  • Take a screenshot of something
  • Tap on a picture you’ve shared
  • Recommend music
  • Ask a question

Adding an Engagement Piece to your Story will Increase Views

Instagram has provided us with so many different ways to engage with Stories, so vary it up and use at least one form of engagement per day.

When your audience is consistently engaging with your Story and sticking around — rather than just swiping on by or tapping on through — Instagram will take note. At such time, they will be far more likely to show your Instagram Stories to your followers at the exact you moment you hit share.

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