Difference Between Scarcity and Abundance Mindset

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Let’s talk about some of the differences between people who have a scarcity mindset and abundance mindset.

Abundance-minded individuals:

  • Play The Money Game and they win
  • Think big
  • Are committed to prosperity
  • Focus on (and see) opportunities
  • Do not feel jealousy or envy
  • Admire prosperous people; respect success
  • Always attract other successful people
  • Promote themselves and believe in their own value

Those with An Abundance Mindset Promote Themselves and Believe Their Own Value

Scarcity-minded individuals:

  • Play The Money Game not to lose
  • Think small
  • Focus (and see) problems and obstacles
  • Resent those who prosper, who are successful
  • Attract other unsuccessful, negative people.
  • Believe negative thoughts about themselves, selling and promotion

Those With a Scarcity Mindset Believe Negative Thoughts About Themselves

Bottom line: When you’re living your life with prosperity, you think of helping and serving others, and it continues to bless you. You believe it is your birthright to be rich, to be happy, to enjoy success, and that money flows to you freely, endlessly. In your heart of hearts, you know that the universe will always provide you with everything you need.

Why Affirmations Work in Developing an Abundance Mindset

The reason affirmations work is due to the act of repetition. So, whether or not you believe affirmations are beneficial or a waste of time, you’ve got to give them a fighting chance. Put them on repeat daily; until such time you’re hearing them automatically. And then, these affirmations begin to become your own thoughts — eventually, becoming your reality.

I’d also like to reiterate that abundance isn’t just about money. If you were to inherit a big amount of cash from a long lost relative, you wouldn’t be guaranteed prosperity. Because the only way to attract prosperity into your life is to:

  • Change your subconscious thinking
  • Allow the abundance of the universe to flow through you
  • Become aware of the beliefs that are blocking you

You can do this! Even if you’re the first person in your family to overcome a scarcity mindset. You can change the legacy of prosperity for generations to come.

Money, opportunities and happiness will flow into your life when you adopt an abundance mindset. And you will prosper wherever you turn.

Opportunities Will Flow Into Your Life When You Adopt an Abundance Mindset

Now, for much more on this, including: why you’re holding onto beliefs that do not serve you and a whole bunch of affirmations on abundance… please listen to The Chalene Show episode below:

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