Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Your Customer

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The basis for this blog / exercise is to really figure out what people (as in, your prospective customers) need. The point is, you have knowledge of some variety that others look to you to provide. The way we’re going to get WHAT that knowledge is, exactly, is to ask and answer the following questions.

Answer These Questions About Your Knowledge to Find Your Perfect Customer

1st question: What’s the number one thing people ask you about?

Now for me, I would answer that with,

“Well, the general public — if I just looked at my Instagram feed — would ask me about anything related to exercise.”

However, I would answer that question differently when it comes to my lifer. The #1 ask I get from lifers are,

“How do I learn to do less?”

2nd question: If you could go back in time and do things differently from the start, knowing what you know today, what one thing do you get?

“Dude, I wish I knew that sooner because life would have been a lot easier, quicker, had I known that today!”

Get it? Like, what would you be doing differently if you knew how much it would have helped you?

3rd question: What’s the one myth or misconception that people have that you have to address?

If I were to tackle this question in regard to entrepreneurs, it would be that you’re supposed to learn how to do everything yourself.

Ask Yourself If You Need To Really Be Doing Everything Yourself To Nail Down The Right Customer

So, what is that thing that people actually think is the case and it’s not? To further elaborate… What are the three biggest mistakes people are making as it relates to your expertise?

You’ve probably seen some of the same answers pop up over and over again. And that’s a really important thing for you to look at because what you’re noticing is the need.

And if you can give it to people, they will find you. When they do find you, and you’re supplying what they need, they become lifers. This is the most important thing to remember in establishing customers and an ongoing / loyal / thriving business.

Think about it: When someone gives you something that you don’t need, it has no value to you, right? Whether it’s a gift you have no use for or a free giveaway that doesn’t make your life better, there’s no real incentive on your behalf to do anything with the stuff.

Again, what you’re putting on paper is going to make a difference in people’s lives!

For more detail on each of the questions above, plus my personal story of not knowing what I needed (in the past) to really thrive, check out the Build Your Tribe episode below:

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